Over 40? Welcome To My YouTube Channel

Over 40? Welcome To My YouTube Channel

Over 40? Welcome To My YouTube Channel

I started changing the focus on my YouTube videos once I began my gray hair transition in 2015. I didn’t know where my channel direction should go. I was not inspired, I was going through five rounds of IVF and trying to keep it together.  I wasn’t twenty like the majority of YouTubers; I was tired of seeing makeup tutorial after makeup tutorial, I had gray hair now and was feeling like my tribe wasn’t on YouTube. One of my followers asked me to do a video on my gray hair journey and on a whim I filmed it, and it was one of my fastest growing videos I had found my tribe, and they were ready to talk. I saw such a need for real videos talking about real things in beauty such as gray hair, hormonal changes affecting skin and aging and advanced skin care.

I have redefined my YouTube channel and blog to be about women with real issues, real questions on anti-aging products and what’s going to make them feel better, more alive and self-confident.  There is nothing wrong with all the twenty-something beauty girls doing reviews, tutorials, etc. but I just couldn’t relate anymore. I found that they used an excessive amount of makeup and skin care products and it just wasn’t realistic for someone my age. I will be showing you reviews of skin care products that you would use, real talk on gray hair, botox, fillers, and self-acceptance. I learned a lot about myself and embraced change when I was going through my infertility journey. Life is not perfect, beauty is not absolute, but if I can shed a little light on making your skincare and makeup routine efficient and straightforward, then I have accomplished my goal.

I have decided to merge my Not Just A Beauty Blogger channel into my beauty channel. I think it’s important not to separate your life from the mess and the beauty. In the past, I felt that exposing my fertility journey was too TMI for my beauty followers and possibly a downer to talk about everything I was going through on my main channel. I have been thinking hard and long about it, and I wouldn’t be authentic if I had to keep separating my videos and trying to look like everything is just gorgeous all the time. As a women fertility, infertility, endometriosis, PCOS, Thyroid disease, hysterectomies you name it we are all women, and we are dealing with real issues. Why act like we can’t talk about this? Why be ashamed? I don’t know where I would be if I didn’t have the support of all the women around the world that came together and sent me encouraging emails, cards, letters, etc. We are stronger together and in 2018 I am going to put it on my beauty channel when needed because I feel that it should be honored, explored and let you the viewer know you are not alone even if you are not going through infertility you might be going through something equally as challenging.

I hope you join me over on YouTube and subscribe to my beauty channel where I will be keeping it real and all about beauty, female empowerment and aging gracefully.

Over 40? Welcome To My YouTube Channel


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