50 Ways To Feel More Beautiful

50 Ways To Feel More Beautiful

ways to feel more beautiful

Ways To Feel More Beautiful

With Valentine’s Day around the corner here are 50 ways to feel more beautiful and give yourself a little love.

Nikol Johnson Beauty Blogger, 50 Ways to Feel More Beautiful

1. Try dry brushing-A great way to feel more alive and detox

2. Change up your makeup.

3. Wear a bright pink or red lipstick.

4. Try a new hairstyle.

5. Try a new haircut-If you have long hair chop it off.

6. Buy a new push-up bra.

7. Put on a faux pair of lashes.

8. Get a professional facial.

9. Brighten your smile with teeth whitening.

10. Toss the granny panties and invest in some new sexy underwear.

11. Try a hot yoga class.

12. Do a spinning class-Sweat releases endorphins, giving you a natural high.

13. Treat yourself to a reflexology foot spa.

14. Buy a plush robe to lounge around in.

15. Listen to your favorite music.

16. Buy a new dress that fits you in all the right places.

17. Ditch your sweats.

18. Try a meditation class it creates self-confidence.

19. Write down your best feature.

20. Give yourself an at-home manicure with a color you normally wouldn’t wear.

21. Stop with negative self-talk.

22. Stop comparing yourself to others it a fast track to not feeling beautiful.

23. Give yourself a DIY facial.

24. Write down what you are thankful for.

25. Keep your head up and your back straight. Good posture can completely change your appearance.

26. Eat a healthy meal.

27. Wear matching underwear.

28. Listen to an empowering song that will remind you of your beauty.

29. Get your eyebrows done at the salon. The right eyebrow shape can change your entire face.

30. Get your beauty rest. Dark circles does not make you feel beautiful.

31. Show off your best feature. Love your eyes? Play them up with a new eyeshadow pallet.

32. Wear more lace, silk and satin.

33. Book a massage.

34. Give yourself a pedicure.

35. Dye your hair.

36. Splurge on a better razor.

37. Give up criticising your looks when you glance in the mirror.

38. Compliment others, When you make them feel good you will feel good about yourself.

39. Take a bubble bath.

40. Buy an anti-aging cream.

41. Sleep on a 100% Silk pillowcase.

42. Let your gray hair come out.

43. Book a spray tan.

44. Get rid of your wrinkles with Botox and Fillers.

45. Surround yourself with positive people.

46. Get a B-12 shot.

47. Stay out of the sun-dark spots don’t make you feel beautiful.

48. Reduce stress.

49. Make an antioxidant smoothie.

50. Drink lots of water.

50 Ways To Feel More Beautiful


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