6 Must Have Fall Nail Polish Colors

6 Must Have Fall Nail Polish Colors

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6 Must Have Fall Nail Polish Colors

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It’s no secret that I buy nail polish colors solely because of their names, September couldn’t have come fast enough were I could slide right into dark and deep fall nail polish colors and funky names.  I bought 6 new colors from Essie, OPI and the new CND Vinylux that will for sure get you in the mood for Starbucks annual fall Pumpkin Latte.  I have been partial to wearing gel polishes for almost two years especially since my hands are in water all the time and digging through makeup on a daily basis, I seem to be unable to reach for regular polish knowing that I will have to do my nails over in 4 short days.

My new favorite polish is not a regular polish nor gel but this fabulous new invention by CND (the original creators of Shellac) called VINYLUX polish. VINYLUX is a two-part weekly polish system that includes a self-adhering color coat which eliminates the need for a base coat and an innovative new top coat utilizing ProLight Technology. When used together, the VINYLUX system provides fast-drying, week-long, chip-free wear that allows for fashionable, flawless fingertips one week at a time!  This polish does not need to be cured by a LED lamp and it’s an easy removal using nail polish remover or pure acetone. So if you are looking for an alternative to wearing the same color gel for 2 weeks, step over to a polish that lasts 7+ days and you can change whenever you want without having to soak or dehydrate your nails.

6 Must Have Fall Nail Polish Colors

VINYLUX in “Pretty Posion”


The industry is buzzing with this color from Essie “For The Twill Of It”. It has a gorgeous sheen and pearl to it with multi colors of grey, purple, green.

6 Must Have Fall Nail Polish Colors

Essie in “For The Twill Of It”


This next Essie color in “After School Boy Blazer” is deep and rich with a hint of navy. It’s a great color to wear with grey’s and denim. It’s opaque with no shimmer, a nice alternative to blacks or chocolates.

6 Must Have Fall Nail Polish Colors

Essie in “After School Boy Blazer”


Essie is on a roll with “Cashmere Bathrobe” if you are looking for a darker color but what to stay in the gray tone this would be your color. It has super small specks of silver shimmer that gives this polish a little personality. It’s not your typical drab gray polish.

6 Must Have Fall Nail Polish Colors

Essie in “Cashmere Bathrobe”


OPI Liquid Sand is an interesting polish. You don’t use a top coat with it and it looks and feels like what else? Sand! If you want to mix it up a little this fall but are not into all the crazy nail art, this would be a great option for you. I loved how this looked and felt which was a surprise since I usually stick with a smooth no texture polish. It’s edgy without going overboard.

6 Must Have Fall Nail Polish Colors

OPI Liquid Sand in “Alcatraz…Rocks”


And my last polish I picked up for this fall (Who am I kidding? These are just the beginning of my fall nail lacquer shopping. You can see all the fall colors that I love on my Beauty YouTube channel this fall) Its a dark berry creme not as dark as the hot trend of Oxblood but has a classic look on the nails.

6 Must Have Fall Nail Polish Colors

OPI in “In The Cable Car-Pool Lane”

All my samples of the colors in my pictures are with 2 coats of the polish.

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