A Chic new look at nails

A Chic new look at nails

A Chic new look at nails

You girls know how obsessed I am with polish colors, I change mine every 4 days depending on my mood. This look is called The Ombre look I think it’s chic and different. I am not a huge fan of crystals or nail art so this look takes it up a notch by keeping it high fashion/runway but not tacky. I think it’s a great look for “date night” or your next trip to New York City. It’s all about changing it up, putting your personality into your nails and making a statement.

A Chic New Look At Nails With Polish Colors - Fresh Beauty Studio

Your hands never looked so good picking up a martini glass and slowly bringing it to your lips making sure that your amazing nails are in full view. It’s a bad ass color for a bad ass girl.

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