A Fresh Review

A Fresh Review

Makeup & Hair: Nikol Johnson with Fresh Beauty Studio. (A++)

It’s so nice when I come along a review that I have never seen before or wasn’t  sent to my inbox, written on my Facebook Fan page etc.

Makeup & Hair: Nikol Johnson with Fresh Beauty Studio. (A++)

LEVEL OF INVOLVEMENT: Trial, which was used for engagement pictures.

First, Nikol is freaking gorgeous. With that said, she has impeccable taste. Second, I’d like to live in her studio. Yes, me, the pink hater. I bought a shirt from her boutique that says “Miss Bride” and a shirt for my dog (which he hates but that’s because it’s pink too :>). I’d like to mention that Nikol hadn’t been feeling very well the day before the trial (fever and whatnot), but still went ahead with me (I told her no mask was needed, I didn’t mind).

Upon arrival we went through the pictures for my look, and she gave me her advice. We went from there and she was very excited when she heard who my dress designer was 😉 since it was her favourite. I showed her pictures of the dress, and we created a look. We talked through the entire trial, she was very easy to talk to and so freaking nice. She made me feel very comfortable, and confident she’d make me look right for the big day. She served coffee for me and my aunt, who was accompanying me, in the cutest teacups and saucers.

I have to say, Craig is not one to like make up on me that much, he likes the natural look, but he loved what Nikol did. The eyelashes she gave me looked natural, the spray on foundation felt so light but did its job, AND SHE GOT MY EYEBROWS RIGHT. Huge deal. Serious.

She left my hair ready for the engagement pictures, and allowed me to change in her studio. She was very easygoing about everything, she’s savvy in the wedding business and gave me tidbits of advice, which I immensely appreciated. She’s a lady through and through,  I am definitely booking her for the big day.

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