A Grey Matter-Color WOW Root Cover Up Review

A Grey Matter-Color WOW Root Cover Up Review

WOW Root Cover Up Review

A Grey Matter-Color WOW Root Cover Up Review

A Grey Matter-Color WOW Root Cover Up Review

It’s every woman’s worst fear-the dreaded first signs of grey hair.  I remember exactly when I started getting grey, I was on set for a fashion shoot and my stylist who was behind me working on my hair said “OH WOW, GIRRRRL YOU….” I cut him right off and was like “Yeah, I know what you are about to say….let’s just pretend you never saw it”  I was 21 at the time and thought “Uh great, this is the last thing that I want to hear during my prime modeling years” My Mother and Aunt were also in the industry modeling and acting, my Aunt had this interesting grey patch ever since I can remember on the right side of her head that blended beautifully with her darker hair. I never really thought anything of it until in October of 2010 when she was in town. I decided it was time to take a closer look at this grey matter. I thought if my Aunt can rock this look and the industry accepts it so can I even if I am still in my early 30’s. So with much apprehension I let my grey streak be free.

A Grey Matter-Color WOW Root Cover Up Review

My Aunt & My Mother

It was in my late 20’s that I really started to notice this grey issue that I had, also on the right side of my head (thank you family tree) that with each dye job would change to a brassy color and never really get the coverage.  I thought what’s the point of dying this patch if it just looks like a sad brassy shade of brown?  It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be to just let it all hang out, I had a love/hate relationship with this grey patch. One day I would be OK with it and the next I was like are you kidding? I am too young for this! What makes it a little easier to go au naturel is that I am lucky to be in an industry that looks at everything as a fashion statement, trend or personal identity. Here is a recent photo shoot by Patty Nash embracing the grey.


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To give you a little insight my hair was never this dark which seems to love to show the grey, when I was a baby my hair was blonde then strawberry blonde, in high school my hair was light brown with natural blonde highlights.  I didn’t start dying my hair until the industry took over my color, working on different modeling jobs with Aveda, Matrix, editorial shoots etc. and then I didn’t know what color my hair was anymore.

Enter COLOR WOW Root Cover Up-Believe me when I tell you that I have tried every root cover up for grey from mascara, liquid, crayon you name it with not that much success.  When I read about Color Wow in Allure last month I was bound to find it.  What piqued my interest was that this product was a powder applied with a dual-tipped brush, which meant no sticky or oily formula and it’s water-resistant. The company claims that it lasts from shampoo to shampoo but I haven’t tested that fabulous feature yet.  I can tell you having such dark hair (I bought the formula for dark brown hair) and super white grey that it does cover grey instantly, looks natural and camouflages re-growth. This allows me to really push my hair appointments to the max.

A Grey Matter-Color WOW Root Cover Up Review

Product Insight:

  1. Apply to dry hair
  2. Fast & easy, no mess
  3. Perfect results under a minute (it’s a no brainer)
  4. 60 Application Kit (lasts 3 months with normal use)
  5. Color your hair less often leaving you with more hydrated hair


Maybe you have something that sets you apart but you haven’t always embraced it, a scar, birthmark, freckles, mole or grey streak. It’s time ladies to have your _________(fill in the blank) empower you instead of making you feel insecure.

I started doing some research on women who had personal signature statement features from big round glasses (Sylvia Weinstock) to full grey hair and turned my attention from feeling “old” or “odd” to empowered and unique.

To my surprise there were loads of women that rocked their unique natural features, from Cindy Crawford who was told to remove her mole to Lauren Hutton, and Georgia Jagger’s gaped front teeth.  A real inspiration is Carnen Dell’Orefice she is known in the industry as the oldest working model at age 82 and has been full grey for quite some time.

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Grey hair does have some perks, I have received senior discounts on occasion (yes, that’s right and I didn’t challenge it) and loads of compliments from random strangers that gives your day a little lift. You can do it, it might take a couple of tries to really let go but like the saying goes “You Only Live Once” so YOLO girls!!!!! I am sure this WOW Root Cover Up Review will be helpful to you.




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