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  • Nikol, love the show and you’ve taught me so much! I appreciate you and have spent many afternoons watching you on You Tube. Question: How do you organize all of your personal use cosmetics? I’ve tried several methods but so far, nothing fully suits. Thanks.

    Stella Scheffer
  • Nikol, you are awesome! I love watching your tutorials. You’ve helped me find my way back to using makeup (one of my first loves). I had just given up. Your wonderful, awesome, terrific mascara wand and mascara formula have allowed me to wear mascara again, without it clumping or flaking off. How did you do that? I knew I needed a mascara wand with teeth, not a miniature Christmas tree to apply my mascara. I immediately ordered your mascara when you showed a closeup of that wand. Thank you so much!!! Not just for a miracle mascara, but the will and tricks of the trade, to not give up my love of makeup AND that wonderful feeling of looking my best. You are doing an amazing job fulfilling a niche need that most don’t ever recognize is a problem and you solve that problem for the lucky feircely aging that find you. Carry on great one!

    Kathleen Mitchell
  • Hi Nicole! I hate to admit it but I gave up a long time ago trying to look good. Life in general got to me: illnesses, stressors, and unkind people. I haven’t worn makeup in years and have never used night creams or moisturizers. I turned 74 this year and one day, quite recently, I took a good look in the mirror and was taken back at how old I looked. My skin was so dry and the dark circles under my eyes made me look as if I hadn’t slept in weeks. I went online to find moisturizers and was overwhelmed at all the products there are now. Then, I found you on Youtube and started watching your excellent videos and took lots of notes. I have now bought a night cream, day time moisturizer, eye cream, a serum, and sunscreen. After two weeks of using the creams, my face now looks pink and plump. I haven’t bought all the makeup I need yet, but can’t wait to put what I learned to use. Thank you for all you do for older women. I appreciate your help so very much.

  • Nikol,

    I am loving your videos and makeup. I watch and rewatch your videos. I learn something new each time. I can connect with you on the negative comments made from others about our gray hair. It boggles my mind that people are forthcoming with their thoughts about our grays. I love my gray and welcome its growth.

    You are my inspiration. I must tell you. You offer knowledge, suggestions, stories, and advice. Your videos are engaging and leave me wanting more. I find myself nodding to your affirmations.

    I actually take notes on what you are saying about skincare products and makeup lines. I especially enjoy your line. It is light on my skin. The colors in your palettes match any outfit I wear. Your Just Peachy eye
    corrector glides on my skin. I love your eye primer!!! It covers my redness on my eyelids perfectly!!!!

    I really want to express my gratitude towards all your hard work and support you give us through your product line and videos. I am very appreciative of it all.

    Thank you for being you and sharing your world with us.

  • Nikol, I recently started watching you on YouTube. I absolutely love the shorts wear you model clothing to the oldies but goodies music of my generation. The classic style is my go to. Most of my things come from Talbots because they are within my budget. I recently priced your beautiful navy blazer at Nordstrom. It cost $700. I’ll have to save up for that one. I’ve never worn a lot of makeup. My skin doesn’t show its age, I never used soap. My Mom didn’t either. Rose water and glycerin is what she used. Her skin was peaches and Cream up until her 90’s. I’m finding that I have blotches on the sides of my face and mostly use a little concealer to hide them. I’ve always wanted to learn how to put on eye makeup. A recent video really helped me understand how to make the most of an everyday look without going overboard. Thanks for listening. Looking so forward to many more tutorials.

    Donna Thibault

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