Absolut Brooklyn

Absolut Brooklyn

Absolut Brooklyn

I am always in search of the perfect cocktail for our Fresh Beauty Studio gets SEXY parties that we host once a month in the pink boutique. I came across Absolut Brookyln the other night when I was searching for an amazing French white wine I had tried but couldn’t find. Right in front of me was this absolut awesome (like that use of the word huh?) display of a limited edition flavor. Absolut Brooklyn was created in collaboration with celebrated filmmaker Spike Lee, ABSOLUT BROOKLYN is fourth in a series of Limited Edition flavors inspired by distinguished U.S. cities; It is a blend of red apple and ginger that captures the vibrancy and uniqueness of Brooklyn and the creativity it inspires.

Other Absolut City Vodka’s included New Orleans (2007), Los Angeles (2008) and Boston (2009).

As with every edition in the series, a portion of the proceeds goes to a local non-profit to help give back to the city it honors. ABSOLUT will donate $50,000 of the profits from the sale of ABSOLUT BROOKLYN to Habitat for Humanity-New York City to support the charity’s affordable green homes in the Bed-Stuy neighborhood.

My Favorite is the Absolut Brooklyn Stoop Party

1 Part Absolut Brooklyn

1 Part Cranberry Juice

1 Part Ginger Ale

Build over ice in a highball glass. Garnish with a lime wedge.

Who knew drinking could also be giving back?


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