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Ace-Ferulic: The New Fountain of Youth?

Ace-Ferulic: The New Fountain of Youth?

By: Nikol Johnson

Once you pass the age of thirty you become obsessed with products that will capture your twenties youthful glow.  As a licensed Esthetician I am constantly researching magazines, beauty reviews, dermatological products to find the latest “It” anti-aging product. Believe me, if it’s out there I will find it.

I came across Solvaderm’s Ace-Ferulic skin rejuvenation serum. If you have been following my beauty YouTube channel you know that I love putting serums on my skin after I cleanse or do home microdermabrasion treatments. This serum takes my skin care routine to another level. I see a huge difference in my skin when I am using this serum after I exfoliate. My tone is better, the texture of my skin is smoother and overall I feel that my skin looks younger. This is a powerhouse skin antioxidant serum treatment that contains L-ascrobic acid, alpha tocopherol and ferulic acid.

Ferulic acid has been a buzz word in the beauty world, you are probably thinking, What the heck is ferulic acid anyway? Here’s the scoop: ferulic acid is found naturally in seeds of fruits like oranges and apples, some vegetables and grains. It is known for promoting dermal restoration and provides a powerful defense against skin aging due to sun exposure and environmental stressors. One of the most important benefits of using this serum for me is that it enhances skin’s ability to fight signs of photo aging by providing protection against the sun’s damaging ultraviolet radiation. It’s hard not to get sun when you live in South Florida.

Ace-Ferulic by Solvaderm is a professional strength formula that dramatically improves skin’s overall appearance, texture, and tone. I have a video below that goes into more detail on this powerful rejuvenating serum.

Advantages to adding Solvaderm Ace-Ferulic serum to your skin care routine:

Disavantages of adding Solvaderm Ace-Ferulic Serum to your skin care routine:

Overall, I love adding powerful antioxidants to my skin care regimen. Waking up and looking at smoother skin with less fine lines and wrinkles starts my day off right.

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