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ACUTE CARE + REDEFINE-Rodan + Fields Review

ACUTE CARE + REDEFINE-Rodan + Fields Review

I am on a constant mission to find ways to reduce the appearance of fine lines and aging without expensive Botox and fillers. I was thrilled to bump up my daily skin care routine with Rodan + Fields new anti-aging line REDEFINE.

This new line claims to be an ultra comprehensive skincare regimen with a proven peptide technology. The REDEFINE regimen comes with four products to give you the complete and ultimate defense against aging. I took it a step further and added to my new regimen the Rodan + Fields ACUTE CARE SKINCARE FOR EXPRESSION LINES for my crows feet that I would very much like to see disappear.

When I test and review skin care products I get extremely picky to see if they truly work. I film in HD for all my beauty videos so when I am editing for hours I can see every line, wrinkle and blemish. I am always looking to make my skin more hydrated, youthful and radiant.

The REDEFINE line consists of four products:

Retail: $193.00

All the products are numbered for easy application.

Here is my experience when using this new line from Rodan + Fields.

1. Daily Cleansing Mask: The cleansing mask was creamy and on the thicker side since it is a cleansing mask. I loved that it was infused with a mild exfoliation. This cleanser is kaolin clay-based and dries in two minutes. The exfoliate in the cleanser is made up of dimethicone microbeads, they are super gentle on your skin and It didn’t feel like it was too aggressive.  My skin felt cool, clean and refreshed after cleansing in the morning and evening. After two months of using this cleanser I could see my skin was more hydrated and vibrant. What I didn’t like was the smell of the product. It smelled very strong almost like a perfume.

2. Pore Minimizing Toner: I haven’t been a big fan of toners but this toner is alcohol-free which means it’s not going to dry out my skin. I enjoyed the cooling effect that it gave me after the cleansing mask and my skin felt ultra clean. It has poly-hydroxy acids that continued exfoliating my skin and helped the appearance of my enlarged pores. Again, it smells like the cleansing mask, I find it to be too overpowering.

3. Triple Defense Treatment: I was very impressed with how light and non greasy this product was. It’s packed with tons of peptides, SPF 30, exclusive SHIELD sunscreen technology and optical brighteners. I found this product to be extremely creamy, non sticky and applies beautifully. The triple defense treatment cream does not smell highly fragrant. I was thrilled to want to use this product in the morning without having such a strong scent.

3. Redefine Overnight Restorative Cream: I am a big fan of thick hydrating creams for night when the skin is resting and able to absorb the product better. This product is not as thick as I would have liked. You would love this product if you want extreme moisture replenishment but don’t like heavy thick night creams. This product is designed to replenish your skin’s natural moisturizing factors while you sleep for visibly firmer, less lined skin in the morning. It not only has hyauronic acid and glycerin to help prevent moisture loss while 12-hour, time-released antioxidants A, C and E help replenish vital skin nutrients. I found my skin to be hydrated and more plump after using this product.


I wasn’t sure what to expect from these eye patches with Liquid Cone Technology.  I was very intrigued that this new technology  (Liquid Cone Technology) claims to melt away lines with peptides and infuses hyaluronic acid directly into the wrinkle for a more youthful appearance.

The first night I put these little bad boys on my crows feet, it felt like a million little needles going into my skin. I had never felt anything like this before. You receive 10 pairs of the eye patches in the box and you do see results the very next morning. What I wasn’t thrilled about was the indentation lines that it left for about 30 minutes when I took off the patches in the morning. The indentation that I had experienced did get better after the third use of the eye patches so I figured it was do to dehydration in my eye area.

I am completely sold on adding the Acute Care eye patches to my regular skin care routine. I see a difference and want to keep this area as plump and firm as I can without injections.

I took a before and after picture to show you girls before I started the regimen and after the 2 months of using the ACUTE CARE FOR EXPRESSION LINES.

ACUTE CARE 10 patches: $220.00


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