Anti-Aging Skin Care with Derma|e | Over 40 Skin Care

Anti-Aging Skin Care with Derma|e | Over 40 Skin Care

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Anti-Aging Skin Care with Derma|e

There are so many anti-aging skin care lines out there even I get crazy finding amazing products that work for my skin. My primary objective on my blog is to bring mature women over forty the best skin care products that promote healthy, glowing skin without all the chemicals and fillers.

I was introduced to Derma|e recently and have been testing out their skin care products. The collection of anti-aging skin care below is a great start to uncovering your gorgeous skin. Before I begin, let’s talk about some important lifestyle updates that promote healthy skin.

Promoting Healthy Gorgeous Skin with These Four Pro tips.

  1. Exfoliate-No matter what products you are using on your skin if you are over the age of twenty it’s a must to be exfoliating, your skin will absorb and perform better with serums and creams that you apply. If you use products on dead skin cells, your product will just sit on top of the skin and never absorb.
  2. Drinks a ton of water-I know we have all heard this over and over again but take note and start drinking purified water throughout your entire day. There is no excuse for laziness when it comes to drinking water. Dry skin can accentuate fine lines and wrinkles.
  3. Alkalinize your body-Skin is our largest organ so whatever is happening on the inside will show on the outside. Something that I have been into lately is drinking first thing in the morning is the Super Elixer by Elle “The Body” Macpherson. I will have a blog post going up next month reviewing the Super Elixir and the chocolate pea protein powder I have been using. Having an acidic pH is a no-no in the skin care and health world. You want to optimize the function of all 11 of your body’s systems; the digestive, endocrine (hormonal), integumentary (hair, skin & nails), circulatory and nervous systems to name a few. You can also pick up the Alkalizing and detox formulation from Amazing Grass at Whole Foods that I have in the picture below.
  4. Get seven to eight hours of sleep-Lack of sleep can lead to breakouts, puffiness, and premature signs of aging.

Anti-Aging Skin Care with Derma|e

Make sure you check off all the skin tips above to get to your ultimate goal of beautiful glowing skin. I am going to walk you through the products from Derma|e that I have used and why I find that they promote clear, healthy skin.

Anti-Aging Skin Care with Derma|e

  1. Purifying Gel Cleanser with Marine Algae and Activated Charcoal-I found this cleanser to be light when applied almost slippery on my face. It didn’t foam up too much, and it would be a great cleanser to use with my Clarisonic brush. It’s fragrance and sulfate-free. Infused with Aloe Leaf Juice, it made my skin feel fresh and hydrated.
  2. Microdermabrasion Scrub with Dead Sea Salt-I am obsessed with trying out new microdermabrasion scrubs don’t kid yourself not all are created equal. I look for concentration of the exfoliate. I want a dense, full-bodied scrub, and this one delivers. I was happy to see how solid the formulation was and how it felt like it was buffing my skin. It smells fresh, clean and lemony. You can use this scrub twice a week but don’t go crazy if you exfoliate too much your skin will look dull and worn out.

Anti-Aging Skin Care with Derma|e

  1. Makeup Remover with Chamomile and Cucumber-What’s nice about this makeup remover is that it is for both regular and waterproof makeup. It’s oil-free and Fragrance-free. The formula felt like a gel, so I didn’t need that much product to take off my makeup. Suitable for all skin types and contact lens wearers.
  2. Purifying Youth Serum with Marine Algae and Green Tea-A very lightweight serum with no real scent to it. Delivers concentrated nutrients and shields skin from free radical damage.
  3. Firming DMAE Eye Lift-Beautiful lightweight anti-aging cream that visibly lifts, firms and tightens the delicate eye area. Helps smooth away crow’s feet. I apply an eye cream every morning and night. I am extremely diligent about my eye area and keeping it hydrated. DMAE is clinically proven to boost collagen for firmer, more resilient skin and it also infuses hyaluronic acid for a surge of cooling moisture to revive tired eyes. Fragrance-free.
  4. Probably one of the most famous products is the Overnight Peel with Alpha Hydroxy Acids. I am a huge fan of any overnight product. I get to catch some beauty sleep while my skin care product works its magic. I felt a little tingling when I applied this product on clean, dry skin. It resurfaces to reveal fresher, younger looking skin with nighttime use. The peel contains 5% blend of glycolic acid plus other fruit acids. Safely renews surface cells with a pH of 3.5, so it’s not extremely aggressive. My skin was smoother and brighter in the morning. Fragrance-free.

Anti-Aging Skin Care with Derma|eAnti-Aging Skin Care with Derma|e

I feel good about using Derma|e skin care products on my face because I know they are tried and tested since 1984.  One of the biggest issues for me is phthalates if you don’t know what phthalates can do to your hormones you can read about it here.

Every Derma|e formula is paraben-free, phthalate-free, GMO-free, gluten-free, sodium lauryl sulfate-free, petrolatum-free, mineral oil-free and dye-free. They are 100% cruelty-free and vegan. I love supporting companies that not only care about our skin but our overall health.

You can find these products at your local WholeFoods or Ulta Beauty. I hope this Anti-Aging Skin Care review will be helpful.

Anti-Aging Skin Care with Derma|e

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