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Love Letter

In an age where texting, bbim, email and im is standard practice for communicating, it almost feels like a fairytale that letters; written letters were a way to express yourself, you almost get classified in a class of “vintage”or “old school” when writing or sending a love letter. If you ask someone what they would keep if their house was burning down the response is usually, my pictures and letters. In today’s world I am not sure if many of us have letters to save much less love letters. The picture below is of a painting from the 1700’s that tells a story of a women and her letter named The Love Letter, ca. 1770 Jean-Honoré Fragonard (French, 1732–1806) Oil on canvas.

I challenge you today to write a love letter to someone who means something to you, you don’t have to send it but writing your true feelings on paper opens your eyes to what is in your heart.

Love Letter

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