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Beautiful Brows via Micro Pigmentation

Beautiful Brows via Micro Pigmentation By Beauty Expert Nikol

I was so excited when Olivia came into the studio today for an advanced procedure called Brow Strokes micro pigmentation.  This procedure is the perfect fit to any woman or man looking to create beautiful brows that look natural.  We first designed Olivia’s brows the way she wanted them to look with an eyebrow pencil, we took pictures and discussed our custom colors.  I used three different colors from dark taupe to coffee bean to create a natural brow.  You can see from the before and after pictures what a huge difference this makes to the face.  My goal when performing this treatment is to create a frame to the face.  I don’t want anyone to know it’s permanent makeup, it should look like what the client would naturally have as brows.  Don’t miss out on our summer Brow Hair Stokes special now through September 30th $325.00 normally $650.00.  Book online at

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