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Confessions of A Foundation Junkie

I don’t know how it happened but BOOM, I am officially a foundation junkie.  Lately this has been my main obsession from creams, liquids, mousse, face-lift infused products.  I have bought in to it all.  This is the problem, you think that because you are buying your foundation at the drugstore you are really being responsible and buying the most economical foundation. But in reality you are doing the exact opposite, at least in my case. Beauty junkie’s beware.

Confessions of A Foundation Junkie

I am on a mission for the most amazing dewy turn-back-the-clock complexion via some youth infused new foundation formula (that seems to come out everyday, how does one keep up?)  I peruse the drugstore isle looking at all the different colors labeled in tones from C3, Nude Beige, Light/Medium, SF3….Uh SF3???? I have no idea what that means but I bought it. Then the real challenge starts when there are never any testers. So how do you go about finding the perfect foundation color if you can’t test it?  This is what drives me crazy, so in turn I end up randomly guessing what color will match.  I get home swatch the color on my cheek and see that of course it’s not the right color. Back in the car to the drugstore to return and then buy the next color up or down. Get home swatch the color on my cheek and see that it’s too dark or too light and the process starts all over again. It’s really a beauty disservice to all of the fabulous women out there that just want to find a foundation that matches her skin! Is that too much to ask for?

Confessions of A Foundation Junkie

Now the foundations that you see in my pictures are the ones that made the cut (if I were to reach for just one in this pile it would be the Ready Set Gorgeous by Cover Girl).  They are OK but notice I have like 15 of them.  Not life changing, just getting by but that’s not going to work for me anymore or my beauty videos.  I want a foundation that rocks my world and makes my skin look AMAZING!!!! I want a foundation that looks glorious while sipping champagne in the bright sun and planning for BIG things to happen.

Confessions of A Foundation Junkie

Notice in the swatch picture above how random these colors are from super light to clearly my skin is not this many colors. Enter my visit to Sephora yesterday,  I won’t even get into how I have no idea where to start each time I walk in the store. Just when I know exactly where everything is they go and change it up! I mean really? I get it, move all the products that I didn’t see the last time I was in will equal a shopping list for one product easily turning into ten.   So yesterday I was on a mission to discover the holy grail of foundations, I went around testing everything, I go nuts when I can actually test a product. Testers=Right Foundation Color=Time Saving=Efficient Buying=Happy Beauty Junkie. So are you curious about the foundation that made THE ONE?  For those of you who are curious, I made it out of Sephora with 3 products 🙂

To Be Continued………..

Confessions of A Foundation Junkie

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