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Fall 2013 Hair Trend-The Bob

Fall 2013 Hair Trend-The Bob

Are you looking to be on trend this Fall 2013 with your hair? I am so happy to see that The Bob is trending this fall on the Runway.  You can never go wrong with a classic bob or longer bob (LOB) which you can see in my video below from 2010 when I cut my hair yet again.

It’s a pretty bold move to cut off all your hair in one sitting (not to mention being a working model and your entire book is with long hair), that’s exactly what I did in my early 20’s.  I didn’t clear it with my agency or run it by any of my friends. I was on a job for Matrix and on the final shoot day I told my stylist to “Cut it all off Baby.” I have to say I felt so free, bold and edgy.  I would wake up put some gel in my hair and rock this sexy Italian sleek look.

I am not sure if it was the super hot weather or the fact that I have such heavy hair I just wanted it off.  I did for a moment after I got it cut think hmmmm probably not the smartest thing to do right in the middle of season. I had to start over from scratch with all my photos, which I felt was a good thing fresh and new, my agency had a different opinion.

Fall 2013 Hair Trend-The Bob

Photo by Sixto

Fall 2013 Hair Trend-The Bob

Short Hair circa 1997


I loved how I could be at any black tie event, Ocean Drive party, industry event and be the only girl with super short hair, it made me different in my industry were most models had long hair.  Through this crazy impulsive hair cutting time in my life, I did find that hair gives you a kind of accessory, a prop if you will to enhance your look or feel.  I found modeling with my new short crop was all about me not my hair anymore, I had to work the camera differently. I enjoyed this super short cut for a couple years modeling in Miami and New York and then went through the growing out process which was no fun, let me repeat NO FUN. I completely forgot what a nightmare it was to grow out, to no surprise in 2010 I was back on the “Cut it all off Baby” phase but this time I wanted a little less drastic cut- a sleek bob.  You can watch my video on when I made the cut, this is an older video and a little crazy!

If you are thinking about cutting your long hair to a trendy bob this fall, I say DO IT! YOLO it always grows back just remember to pick a stylist you trust and be BOLD and CONFIDENT! Hope you liked this Fall 2013 Hair Trend-The Bob review.

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