Get your BOOTY to Fresh Beauty Studio

Get your BOOTY to Fresh Beauty Studio

Fresh Beauty Gets Sexy, Party By Beauty Expert Nikol Johnson

We are so excited for our “Fresh Beauty gets Sexy” party tonight, we have super sweet pink cupcakes from Candy’s Sweets and Treats, Daring and different Ta Ta Too’s temporary tattoos for your TaTa’s, our ultra hottie hottie mixologist mixing up our “Badass Chick” and “The Vixen” martini’s tonight and of course our Pole Dancer from Miami Pole Dance We are giving away a gift certificate for a free pole dancing class and a full set of Xtreme Lashes; you must have long sexy lashes when on the pole for sure girls. Booty Parlor products will also be featured. Are you ready for your Mojo Makeover? Join us tonight at 7pm RSVP required to get in.



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