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How to Style Black Pants – Effortless French Style

Effortless French Style

How to Style Black Pants(Effortless French Style)

How to Style Black Pants(Effortless French Style)

How to Style Black Pants(Effortless French Style)

How to Style Black Pants(Effortless French Style)

How to Style Black Pants(Effortless French Style)

How to Style Black Pants(Effortless French Style)

How to Style Black Pants(Effortless French Style)


I tend to gravitate towards black and white now that I have salt and pepper hair. Is that correct? Salt and pepper? I feel I can’t say gray hair since I am not completely gray right? My hair doesn’t know what it wants to do. A friend of mine recently sent me a meme that said “Cranky with a touch of psycho” that sums up my hair’s attitude right now.  Seems a little indecisive being fifteen months into the growing out period. Nevertheless, I love being authentic to what my hair naturally wants to do and have embraced every weird and awkward styling moment. Speaking of styling, I get a lot of questions on who I go to for my chic hair cut. Erik at Erik Alan Davis salon he’s amazing!

Today’s look is all about simple yet classic styling with effortless French style. I paired these Celine black pants with a silky cream top with a black neck tie. I accessorised this outfit with classic black pumps and a Chanel gold chain bag. Flowers and sunglasses, of course, are a style bloggers birthright.

The key to chic styling is to have classic, timeless pieces in your closet. This will make putting together outfits less stressful for you no matter what the season. You can’t go wrong with perfectly tailored black pants not to mention that they make you look lean. I recommend that everyone have at least one pair of black pants that actually fit. I stock up when I find silky cream button down blouses because they are not the easiest pieces to find. I look for a very soft off-white color, but most of the time I find that what is available is too beige or too white. I know I am picky.

This outfit wouldn’t be complete without a bold red lip. I have been using NARS matte velvet lip pencil in none other than “Cruella.”  I find it ironic that I have gravitated toward this color that I got as a birthday gift from Sephora. I have had too many strangers stop me and tell me my hair looks like Cruella Deville ugh let’s not go there. NARS is my go-to red lip not only because the color is gorgeous but that it’s matte and stays on all day. The formula is not drying or too over powering. Perfect for all skin tones and easy to apply.

Opposite of my bold glam lip, I have been on a neutral nail polish kick recently; I chose OPI gel color in “Taupe-less on the Beach” for this photo shoot. I find it reads more towards a lavender hue than taupe but I love how it looks in these pictures. My eyeshadow palette has stayed the same for these shoots; I love the bronzy natural look it gives.

Yes, Yes, Yes I am sure you saw my little snafu with my self-tanner. Clearly, these photos are not photoshopped, and there is a reason for that. My power word for 2017 is “Authentic”, and that’s just how I roll now that I have hit forty. You don’t have to look closely at my feet to notice what happened. It’s a good example why you should be using a mitt always when you apply self-tanner. If you remember back a couple of weeks ago on Instagram, I posted a picture of the Tria at home laser. I mentioned that I was very pale and what self-tanner do you girls recommend. I had a bunch of comments suggesting Saint Tropez. So being the novice when it comes to using self-tanner I applied Saint Tropez the night before this shoot. I know, I know what was I thinking? It’s quite funny actually when I was applying it I was saying out loud “You know this is not going to come out right.” So it wasn’t a surprise when I looked down and noticed the hot mess of a not so perfect application. My photographer just laughed and shook his head. He knows how crazy I can be working with me since my early twenties and this was a great example. You can’t take yourself too seriously.

My review on self-tanner will clearly be a good one now that you see what not to do.

Happy Monday lovebugs, I hope this post inspires you to style yourself classic and try a bold red lip. I hope this post, how to style black pants – effortless French style will be helpful for you ladies.

Photography by Rick Gomez Photography


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