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Is It Really Taboo?

Is It Really Taboo?

ta·boo also ta·bu
(tIs It Really Taboo?-bIs It Really Taboo?Is It Really Taboo?, tIs It Really Taboo?-)

n. pl.  ta·boos also  ta·bus

1. A ban or an inhibition resulting from social custom or emotional aversion.
a. An object, a word, or an act protected by such a prohibition.
I recently purchased the Chanel nail polish ($27) called Taboo and couldn’t help but wonder, “Is it really Taboo to buy luxury, especially in this economy?”  I did a little research on womens buying patterns in times of recession, the so-called “Lipstick Effect” which can be traced back to the Great Depression; the economy tanks, women run out and buy something that makes them feel pretty to cheer themselves up. I get it, I  have done this little act of a pick-me-up even when we are not in a recession-I call it beauty therapy my husband calls it a shopping problem.
Is It Really Taboo?
Why do so many women feel guilty when they spend money on themselves? Is it Taboo to splurge on yourself? Is the guilt feeling ingrained into us when we are born?
Is it extravagant to purchase those Jimmy Choo’s, YSL lipstick, or LV carry all that you have been saving for?
Is It Really Taboo?
The answer in my opinion is that what really is Taboo is the not doing or buying these things in life because of guilt. Why wouldn’t you “Have your cake and eat it too?” “Smell the roses along the way?”  Seems we are all caught up in what other people think is right about our spending habits not what is right for ourselves.
Is It Really Taboo?
When it comes to purchasing luxury beauty products like Chanel there is some kind of empowerment that happens at the counter.  You feel a sense of happiness, fulfillment and excitement.  You can experience luxury from a mere $27 dollars. In most cases not all, buying products that are more expensive does have it’s rewards. When I wear a Chanel polish or lipstick there is a sense of old Hollywood history, like I am channeling Coco Chanel.
Is It Really Taboo?
What is really Taboo, in my opinion is not doing or buying the things in life that make you happy because of guilt. Why wouldn’t you “Have your cake and eat it too?” “Smell the roses along the way?” Seems we are all caught up in what other people think is right not what is right for ourselves. Go ahead make that spa appointment, weekend trip or wear that red super luxe lipstick. Yes, I approve.

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