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Laura Geller-The Real Deal

I am always on the look out for Amazing products with skin care and makeup. I can spend hours in Sephora and Ulta  going back and forth between makeup lines. I love testing out products, textures, smells, colors, packaging and basically just about everything to do with makeup. I came across Laura Geller  “Baked” cosmetic line today and was intrigued.  What is this “Baked” line all about? What makes it different?  Laura Geller is a true innovator in this new divison of makeup and has pioneered this catagory called  “Baked.”  This formulated collection that is super luxe is exclusively made for Laura in Italy.  This “Baked” technology’s sole purpose is to enliven the skin and create a youthful aura HELLO GEORGOUS!!!!.  I was on the hunt for a blush but not just any blush, I wanted a blush that was going to give me sheen, glow and color.  When I stumbled upon Blush-n-Brigthen Baked Cheek Color in “Sunswept”   I was thrilled. I found a cheek color that was saturated with skin glowing color that would make me look alive at 6am.  This is not just your ordinary blush, the colors are swirled together and “baked” for 24 hours in terracotta pans to create rich textures and vibrancy.  What’s really unique about the brand is that no two are ever identical.

Laura Geller-The Real Deal By Beauty Expert Nikol Johnson

Let’s not stop there I was on a roll….. I added The Real Deal Concealer in Light and Medium. This is perfect for my models, brides and clients that are concerned with dark circles. I loved the consistency and texture of this concealer.  It’s thick but not too thick, you will get an amazing coverage if you apply it sparingly. This concealer is a silicone-based, smooth-gliding formula, water-resistant and long-lasting not to mention that it’s oil free and has a cocktail of healthy vitamins.

Laura Geller-The Real Deal By Beauty Expert Nikol Johnson

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