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Love Your Body

Love Your Body – Nikol Johnson

It’s amazing how each decade dictates what body shape/image is in Vogue. In the 50’s it was Marilyn Monroe 35-22-35, in the 90’s it was Kate Moss with hips at 33 inches. It’s not what your measurements are but how you carry yourself and how you feel. It’s about confidence, learning how to accept yourself and to not  judge yourself each day to unrealistic images in magazines.  Body image is something all women struggle with because we pick up any magazine and it shows us a perfect airbrushed model with no flaws.

Take a minute right now and pick out one thing you really love about your body. Think about it and tell yourself how beautiful you are. Write it on a post-it and stick it to your mirror, car mirror, computer whatever just do it.  This is an important exercise for you to do each day to keep yourself grounded in reality. Fresh Beauty Studio wants you girls to know you are beautiful, stop comparing yourself to images that no one could measure up to. Go out there, love yourself and be who YOU ARE not what you think people think you should be.

Love Your Body

Jayne Mansfield oh la la

Love Your Body

Kate Moss

Love Your Body

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