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On the Set Nutrimilk Commercial

On the Set Nutrimilk CommercialOn the Set Nutrimilk Commercial

Let me start off by saying that this was one long night. Call time: 3pm-4am. Yep, that’s right a fabulous 13 hour day/night. Welcome to the beautiful world of working on set. You can see our model Caroline in front of the green screen. She is such a great model with a wonderful personality. I must say she was a trooper flying 20 hours from Geneva to our set, then shooting for 13 hours. This was a commercial for Nutrimilk shampoo. We had a makeshift shower that would pour cold milk on Caroline and tons of corn starch to turn the pool into one big bath of milk YIKES!!! I am sure the pool guy is going to kill every one of us. Overall a great shoot, can’t wait to see the final cut.

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