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Real is the New Sexy!

I was reading through my new June issue of Glamour magazine last night and I have to applaud the writer Kimberly Daly for the article titled “Real is the new Sexy!” It’s about time women were told that their “imperfections” are something to celebrate. I was inspired to have this the main topic on my YouTube channel today www.youtube.com/freshbeautystudio The foundation of this article is what Fresh Beauty Studio stands for and wants every women to know when walking out of Fresh Beauty Studio. You are unique in your own right and no one else looks, acts or is you! I want each and every one of my clients to feel as though she owns the room when she walks in because of her unique features, makeup, skin or body.

There are so many media outlets and sources making women feel that they are not good enough the way they look, or we see magazines like Vogue, Maxim or Playboy with post production airbrushing, slimming the thighs, making the eyes closer together, freckle removal you name it they do it. I want you ladies to know that acceptance is key with owning your looks. Everyone is unique and different in their own way. Hold your head high and walk with confidence YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL the way you are!

Real is the New Sexy!

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