That Winning Head Shot

That Winning Head Shot

That Winning Head Shot

That Winning Head Shot

You need it for your resume, social media, business card, newsletter, website I am on a roll….I could keep going but you get the point.  Head Shots are not something you can just do a selfie on and more importantly this is your first impression, you know the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” or my mantra ” THE RIGHT picture is worth thousands of dollars in your pocket.”  If you haven’t put that much thought into your head shot that you are working with that’s on every piece of marketing material you created,  it’s time to change it up and get on the right track.

Fresh Beauty Studio launched head shot sessions this year and we haven’t looked back since.  I found a huge demand for hair and makeup AND a photo session all in one studio.  Forget the days of trying to find the right hair and makeup team and on top of that specializing in HD Airbrush foundation, then finding a photographer, coordinating dates, times, availability, quality, pricing ohhh here I go again.  We offer stress free affordable photography packages for corporate and social media needs. I sat in front of the camera see below to update my head shot for LinkedIn and had a blast.

That Winning Head Shot

Nikol Johnson

You want to ROCK your industry with the best version of yourself. Some of our clients have been very apprehensive about booking their session with the excuse that they “Feel self-conscious” or that “I never can take a great picture.”  We take all of that into consideration and then toss it out our pink window, turn up your favorite Pandora station, nip, tuck and de-fuzz your wardrobe, tell you funny jokes to capture your more real self and if needed keep the champagne on ice for the extra nervous nellies.

What are you waiting for? Book your head shot session now and get on track to increase your revenue, networking and confidence. YOLO!!!! That Winning Head Shot review will be helpful surely.

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