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The Stork OTC Review + GIVEAWAY

The Stork OTC Review + GIVEAWAY

No one ever expects to have a problem getting pregnant. The plan is simple; you find the love of your life, get married go on an amazing honeymoon and then get pregnant. Right? Well, those were at least my thoughts, and I felt that I had the plan nailed down with no interruptions. I found myself a year into our marriage wondering what was going on. Why were we not pregnant yet? Seems like it happens for everyone else, why not us?

The Stork OTC Review + GIVEAWAY

We were tested for every single possible issue and then some. Everything came back “Normal” so we were lumped into the 20% of couples with “Unexplained Infertility.”  We quickly moved on to fertility treatments with a medicated IUI. I was so overwhelmed with this new world I had entered. The information that was swirling around me, the new vocabulary it was just so overwhelming. As modern women, we are getting married later in life. We have careers that make us feel empowered. We have goals, dreams and aspirations to get to the next level, make partner or open your own company. Concentrating on our careers impacts our biological clock whether we like it or not. I can’t tell you how many times I have been told I have “Advanced Material Aging.” Really? I am thirty-nine not ninety-nine. At least when my reproductive endocrinologist says this to me, he always tags it with “No offence, Nikol.”

I have been through two IUI’s and three IVF cycles since February 2014. It’s incredibly invasive and uncomfortable going through these treatments. In between IVF cycles I kept thinking there had to be something I could do that is natural before I start my next IVF cycle. After a failed IVF cycle, I was happy just to relax and not be on a strictly timed protocol but I didn’t want to sit back and do nothing to increase my chances of getting pregnant.

The Stork OTC Review + GIVEAWAY

I was at CVS recently and saw a brochure for The Stork OTC an at-home conception aid allowing couples the ability to use cervical cap insemination at home. I am not sure what caught my eye, the soft purple and cream packaging or maybe it was something new on the shelf that I had never seen before. Whatever it was it ignited excitement. Standing there looking at The Stork OTC packaging and seeing that it’s used like a tampon made me feel very relaxed purchasing it. I thought I have used tampons forever; I can figure this out. I was thrilled that there were more options for me when I wasn’t cycling with IVF. I quickly googled which CVS carried The Stork OTC in stock. Many CVS stores will have a brochure advertising The Stork OTC, but they do not actively carry it.

The Stork OTC Review + GIVEAWAY

{Cervical cap insemination, a technique healthcare professionals have used as an effective, in-clinic treatment options for decades with success rates between 10-20% is now available to you in the comfort and privacy of your own home.}

When I first started reading infertility boards back in 2014, I had read about girls using a diaphragm or diva cup to capture sperm and keep it near the cervix.  I thought this was such a bizarre concept, but it did make sense. It didn’t appeal to me because I had never used a diaphragm and was worried that I would not be able to get it out, or worse forget about it. What these girls don’t realize is that by using products that are not made for conception or collecting sperm creates a hostile environment for sperm and can even harm or kill the sperm.

The Stork OTC launched in the fall of 2014 and is FDA cleared. It’s designed to help you make trying to conceive less trying. You can do all of this in the privacy and comfort of your own home. The STORK OTC uses cervical cap insemination that is an effective treatment method previously available only through your doctor or clinic. The Stork OTC allows you to use this method to deliver the sperm to the cervix and keep it right where it needs to be. What’s great is that The Stork OTC can help with common fertility difficulties such as motility issues with sperm, low sperm count, and unfavorable vaginal environment. The condom-like sheath and cervical cap are both latex-free. It is recommended to use The Stork OTC two to three times a month on your most fertile days.

The Stork OTC Review + GIVEAWAY


The Stork OTC is cost-effective at $79.99 per treatment and less invasive then traditional fertility procedures. I am very passionate about spreading the right information about conception, infertility and all the options out there for women. I wish that this product had been on the market back in 2012 when we got married. I would have loved to have used this conception device prior to doing more invasive fertility treatments.

I personally have bought The Stork OTC and have used this device when I have not been going through an IVF cycle. Even with The Stork OTC nothing happens overnight. Don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t happen for you on your first try (believe me I have been there). Keep pushing forward with your dreams of having a baby.

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The Stork OTC Review + GIVEAWAY

FTC-This post is proudly sponsored by Rinovum Women’s Health. All options are my own and completely honest. I do not accept money in return for positive reviews or for products that I have not personally used on myself. 

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