Beginners Guide to Makeup with Beauty Expert Nikol Johnson

Beginners Guide to Makeup with Beauty Expert Nikol Johnson

Beginner's Guide To Makeup, Makeup How To, Makeup over 40

Beginner's Guide To Makeup, Makeup How To, Makeup over 40


OK girls, I have put together my beginners guide to makeup to make it easy for your to build your staple makeup bag. How many times have you gone into Sephora and walked out feeling overwhelmed and not sure you bought the right products?  Even as a makeup artist I get overwhelmed with how many makeup options there are out there. I have rounded up the must-have products every woman should have on hand to get a beautiful natural makeup application every day. I have also included at the end of this blog post a video tutorial of my one-minute makeup application.

Beginner's Guide To Makeup, Makeup How To, Makeup over 40


To get a fantastic makeup application, it starts with great skin care. Make sure you are cleansing your skin each morning and applying a lightweight moisturizer like EVER Skin Care Hydralift oil-free. Prepping your skin with a primer like REN perfect canvas will ensure a flawless base that will keep your makeup in place all day.


There is nothing worse than having the wrong concealer or foundation shade on your skin. You can avoid this common mistake by testing out multiple foundation shades on the side of your face in natural light. The color that blends right into your skin and you can not see is your perfect match. For concealers, you want to go one to two shades lighter than your natural skin tone. A couple of great concealers are from EVER Skin Care and Amazing Cosmetics both offer excellent coverage and stay put all day. My favorite foundations recently are the soft fluid long wear SPF 20 by La Mer (I use shade Shell #11) and Temptu Air personal home airbrushing system (I use warm ivory). I can’t keep the Temptu in stock in my studio it’s that Ahh-Mazing! My clients are obsessed!


There is no denying that your eyebrows are the most important feature on your face. Not only do they frame your face but when filled in properly and shaped give you a youthful appearance. Investing in either a professional precision eyebrow shape and wax or threading each month is your first step to gorgeous brows. You will want to maintain the look of your perfect eyebrows by using a brow pencil or pomade.


No need for falsie’s when you have a lash booster that works and a fabulous volumizing mascara. I have seen surprising results on my lashes with GrandeLASH-MD Serum. GrandeLASH is another product in my studio that I can’t keep in stock. This award-winning serum promotes longer, thicker looking lashes in just four-six weeks. GrandeLASH is a great way to avoid using a lash serum that causes side effects, GL it’s safe, vegan and cruelty-free. You will thank me when everyone starts asking you how you got such long thick lashes. Volumizing mascara enhances the eye and gives that drama we all love to see. I have been using Le Volume de Chanel in Noir for the past two years and get many compliments on how long my lashes look.


Every woman should have a classic everyday nude lipstick and a bold red in her makeup arsenal. You can’t go wrong with these two universal colors that flatter any skin tone. If you are afraid of wearing a red lip start out by dabbing the color on your lips for more of a stained look, then build up the color as you get comfortable.. There is no denying that wearing a red lip is a power move. I am wearing “Secret Weapon” by Fresh Beauty Studio in this video.


The perfect highlighter, blush, and bronzer can make your break your natural look. It’s not about contouring; I am not a fan of contouring I just don’t think it’s necessary. I created a palette called “Classic Beach” because I was tired of traveling and not being able to find these products promptly in my makeup bag. This kit includes a champagne highlighter, soft peach blush with flecks of gold and a universal matte bronzer (top palette). It gives you a healthy radiant glow. The limited edition “Classic Beach 2” includes a soft pink blush instead of the bronzer for that rosy glow (second palette). These palettes are available on my Instagram account or in the studio.

Beginner's Guide To Makeup, Makeup How To, Makeup over 40

“Classic Beach” by Fresh Beauty Studio

Beginner's Guide To Makeup, Makeup How To, Makeup over 40

“Classic Beach 2” Palette by Fresh Beauty Studio


When you are just starting out, I always suggest finding a palette that has a range of everyday nudes. A little shadow goes a long way, and you don’t have to use three or more colors. Swiping on one to two shades will give you a put-together look. A palette that I use for my Brides for a beautiful natural look is the Naked Palette by Urban Decay. It’s simple and gives you a vast range of colors for day to night.


Just like a chef cannot cook a fantastic meal without the proper pans you can’t get a flawless makeup look without the right brushes. Investing in makeup brushes will take your makeup look to the next level. In my professional kit, I use brushes from Sigma Beauty. They make it easy for you by grouping collections together for “just eyes” “foundation” etc. I find that they are high quality without breaking the bank. I am not a huge fan of the Beauty Blender for a couple of reasons. I don’t think you can ever really sanitize the sponge no matter what people say and I feel that all my foundation is absorbed into the sponge even when it’s damp. I think you have more control with brushes and get a cleaner more professional look.

Beginner's Guide To Makeup, Makeup How To, Makeup over 40

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