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One Night Stand?

I was doing some research today while popping some delicious skittles in my mouth (I know not good for me but this running is making me need a little sugar) and drinking my berry La Croix. I stumbbled across a website called One Night Stand Miami www.onenightstand.com I know come on like that happens???? The genius behind The  “ultra hip” Opium Group and the director of the International interactive Off Broadway hit “Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding” have created the ultimate experience for gals who love a good time – One Night Stand, Miami’s Hottest Girls Night Out.

Come on girls shouldn’t we all be singing “Save a horse ride a Cowboy?” after looking at their website that’s what I am thinking. This hot show runs every Saturday night doors open at 9:30pm and show starts at 10:30pm.

The best line on their website was “Whether you’re a bride to be or not, you’re gonna party like the ultimate bachelorette so wear your slinkiest nightclub attire. Perhaps you can take back some evidence of the glorious evening but be sure to hide it from your significant other, consider it our little secret!” Only in Miami can you get away with saying that.

hmmmm sounds like a Monica went there while dating Bill.

One Night Stand?

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