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How to Wear Simple Stud Earrings to Statement Earrings

I have been working on my collection of costume jewelry and fine jewelry for some time now. Picking out jewelry no matter what the price tag, it all comes down to style and ...

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Why I Have Only 4 Fragrances on My Vanity

I am a total freak about the fragrances I wear. I think my strange behavior started in high school. If I smelled a perfume, and it reminded me of something that wasn’t a positive ...

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Something’s Gotta Give + Lace Tops for Summer

As a female entrepreneur, endurance is critical. It’s a grind to keep going, to keep writing, to keep creating, styling and shooting photo shoots. Most essential is to stay resilient when ...

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Summer Must-Have Beauty

This blog post is sponsored and brought to you by Walmart.com Beauty, your number one destination for exclusive summer beauty, makeup, and skin care. Whether you like to shop in-store or online Walmart.com has all ...

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The Best Jumpsuits for Summer

I love wearing jumpsuits and if you are the gal that says No Way! Jumpsuits are so hard to get into and take off then you are missing out on adorable, affordable, style this summer season. I have scoured ...

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My Favorite In-Flight Beauty

The first part of the year I racked up some significant miles traveling to New York City, Napa California, Tampa and London, England. It’s imperative because of my job that I am prepared to go at any ...

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London, Pantene & Gray Powerhouse Women

Back in early February, I was approached on Instagram through a direct message for a hair project (I have a screenshot of this message to remind me of that fantastic fateful day). I never pay much ...

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Superhero’s & Disrupting The Beauty Industry

I have been thinking about my position in this whole beauty game/influencer arena being grey-haired and young. Why so much negativity on beauty and aging? Just curious? It gets ...

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Pre-Summer Tropical Dress Giveaway!

I normally don’t do giveaways unless I absolutely believe it will enhance your beauty, style, wellness, etc. I announced on my Instagram this week that I was giving away this adorable SOLD OUT ...

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How This Purchase Took My Fitness To The Next Level

I have always been very athletic I love sports that push me to the next level and are high intensity. Kick-boxing, spinning, running to name a few but I can also take it down multiple ...

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