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Staying Healthy Over 40

There are so many “eating” fads going on right now. I choose to say “eating” compared to “diets” because I have never believed in dieting. Choosing to eat right and exercise is ...

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How to Stay Fit Over 40

How to Stay Fit Over 40?

You might have seen on my Insta-Stories the other day that I met a woman who had an unbelievably toned smokin body and then she dropped the bomb that she was seventy-one years old. I immediately thought can I ...

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Peloton Hack | How To Get Your Best Summer Body NOW!

Peloton Hack | How To Get Your Best Summer Body NOW!

I have been spinning for some time now (over twenty years) and clearly; I am obsessed. Yes, that’s right obsessed the most overused word in the social media world I am using right ...

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Why I Left Yoga for Pure Barre

by Nikol Johnson Let me start off by saying Yoga is amazing for the right person I am just not that person. I have a hard time sitting or standing in poses and quieting my mind. I have pushed myself to take all ...

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