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Classic Look with a Twist

It’s tough to try and pretend in South Florida that we have four seasons. In December 2019, I had a mini-meltdown with my photographer while we were searching for non-green backgrounds in ninety-eight-degree weather. A brand hired me to shoot winter jackets, and everywhere we turned was green. A little strange to be wearing a puffer jacket with palm trees in the background and sweating. I know how to create sets but control the environment without a huge creative team, not possible. Deadlines always seem to create an issue when making a tropical beach into a ski slope. I decided right then and there that I had to take the pressure off; it is what it is. I will celebrate my environment and be authentic to my style and the gorgeous weather here from Palm Beach to Miami. It’s OK that we are not freezing right now in January for a photo, lol.

Jacket: Vintage Chanel | Bathing Suit Melissa Obadash old Similiar HERE | Necklace St John & JCrew | Earrings Vintage Christian Dior similar here | Sunglasses | Lipstick

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Once I decided to embrace my environment, I fell in love with styling my content all over again. It’s funny how that works. Be authentic to who you are, and the rest falls in place; go figure.

I have been known for my blazers since high school. Take a look at my Instagram, and you will see my slight obsession. Everyone likes to call blazers my “security blanket.” I can’t tell you how many times I have walked into a room, and someone says, “Nik, it’s 98 degrees out. You DON’T need to wear a jacket tonight,” I always respond with I don’t care how hot it is, I always wear a jacket. I feel like my outfit is not complete without a blazer or jacket. Who knows where my obsession with blazers came from, but I adore my blazer collection from Chanel to St. John and have added a couple of new vintage pieces in the past couple of months that make my heart skip a beat.

In January 2020, I started styling bathing suits with my blazers. It just felt right for me, it’s my style, and it felt more authentic than trying to shoot a puffer jacket in 100 degrees. Fashion and style are expressions; I don’t see any signs at the pool that say “No Jackets Allowed” or “Don’t You Dare Wear a Jacket Over a Bathing Suit.” You know if these signs were posted I would layer two jackets. I don’t look at blazers the same way most people do.

~Baret Hat~ Cross Necklace: Tiffany & Co | Gold Chain St John | Pearl Chain JCrew

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I am taking a classic vintage Chanel jacket from the 1980s and giving it a little personality with my one-piece belted bathing suit, vintage Christian Dior door knocker earrings, and a baret. The baret might be a bit much, but it’s how I wanted to style this look. I can get away with the Chanel jacket over my shoulders in the cabana since we have gorgeous cooler weather until May. Pair this look with Nikol Cosmetics iconic matte red lipstick called “Secret Weapon,” and you have what they call je ne sais quoi.


Makeup: Eyeshadow “Not Overlooked” | Lipstick: Secret Weapon | Lipliner Brick | Mascara | Blush Palette Classic Beach

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