Contributing To The World Of Bridal Trends

Contributing To The World Of Bridal Trends

Contributing To The World Of Bridal Trends

The World Of Bridal Trends

I was honored when Glady’s magazine asked me to be a contributor to their spring 2014 bridal issue.  I love bridal trends and this year was no exception, from getting that “Bridal Glow” to sexy modern braids that honestly don’t  make you look like you are still in grade school.  Being a bridal beauty expert with over 100 weddings under my makeup belt I found these spring bridal trends to be refreshing and not unrealistic.

What works for the bridal runways doesn’t always translate very well down the isle but these four trends that I picked out to feature are right on the money.Contributing To The World Of Bridal Trends

Contributing To The World Of Bridal Trends


Contributing To The World Of Bridal Trends

1. That “Bridal Glow”: I am going to go a little deeper into the first trend on that “Bridal Glow” for you girls in this post. I mention face primers in the article but If you have neglected your skin meaning you haven’t received a facial in over 2 months and you don’t have a solid morning and evening skin care routine you need to find an amazing esthetician ASAP and get to it.  No matter how great your makeup is for your wedding day it will never look fresh, glowy and flawless if your canvas aka YOUR SKIN is dry, dehydrated, full of congestion, rough, or lack luster.

Start first by investing in a professional skin care line, I love Control Corrective in my studio and its affordable,  you don’t need 10 products so don’t get overwhelmed. You can start off with a cleanser, exfoliator and a moisturizer with SPF, keep it simple and make sure you are exfoliating 2-3 times a week to remove all the dead skin that has accumulated over the winter. Book in for every 6-8 weeks for your facials. As an Esthetician it’s easy to get crazy busy and not make the time to get facials. I made it a point that I booked my facials every 8 weeks before my wedding,  it made a HUGE difference in my skin, from the texture and radiance.

2. The Braid Craze! You either love braids or you hate them, I don’t really see any brides on the fence about this trend. I love seeing romantic braids incorporated in a classic updo or keeping to just one long loose braid.

3. The Cat Eye: LOOOOOVE IT, I can’t get enough of the classic cat eye for weddings. It’s ultra classic when done right. Keep your eyeshadow more neutral and concentrate on the liner with a pinky/nude or red lip. This is a trend both on the red carpet and in the bridal world that is here to stay.

4. PINK PINK and More PINK!: Baby pink lips are all over brides lips this spring and I have to say it’s just GORGEOUS! Remember to exfoliate your lips prior to glossing them up. You don’t want flaky dry lips in your pictures. Gloss shows everything so make sure you spend the extra time doing a gentle exfoliation and nourishing lip balm.

Check out our facial menu HERE it’s never to late to get on a fabulous skin care program.

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Contributing To The World Of Bridal Trends

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