by Nikol Johnson

I love creating and thinking up new ways to make my beauty videos interesting. I was using Control Corrective skin care last year in my studio and started thinking of a story board to showcase my production and marketing skills for a skin care company.  I was going to be in New York City for a shoot and thought why not use this time to create something fun, original and creative for my beauty channel.

I designed the idea of a social media campaign called “Control Corrective Girl,” featuring multiple modern women (from the corporate girl to a girl out on the town) around New York City that had different skin types.  I wrote, created the storyboard, scouted locations, pulled wardrobe, styled, hair and makeup and edited this film. I love seeing my projects come together from an idea simply jotted down on a piece of paper to the final projects.

I am absolutely obsessed with New York City and miss living there. It’s such an electric city full of so many opportunities and possibilities. Being a beauty blogger/vlogger one must think outside the box for videos and blogs. There are thousands of girls in beauty doing the same thing every day.

The beauty industry is always changing and if you don’t think creatively and step up your game you fast become last season’s lip color. The best part of this shoot was creating different scenes around the city. It was fun yet also challenging. The week that we were there coincided with the State of The Union Summit. The city was in a full chaotic crazy mode. It was very interesting coming back to our hotel room where secret service were sitting outside multiple hotel rooms on our floor. Wait, was I back in college with floor moderators and curfews?

It’s an exciting aspect of my job to create and partner with different cosmetic, skin care and hair care companies. I never thought filming and editing would become such a big part of my life. I find that my brain thinks differently when filming as compared to makeup artistry.  I have recently been experimenting with travel vlogging and documenting my journey through IVF.  It’s incredible how many women I have connected with all over the world through my new lifestyle blog/vlog.

The power of social media is real. To be able to tell my story and develop interesting beauty/travel videos in a creative way is something that will continue to evolve and inspire me.

I was filming a Breakfast at Tiffany’s themed video also when I was in the city.  Below are some outtakes from my trip to New York City.






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