Fresh Beauty Studio

Creating Fresh Beauty Studio! Celebrating 7 Glamorous Years!

Creating Fresh Beauty Studio

It wasn’t really part of my plan to build out my beauty studio in 2008 but an empty white space became what is now my beautiful makeup studio called Fresh Beauty Studio LLC. I was working with my minimal freelance makeup budget so I had to do most of the work myself under the guidance of an experienced contractor and recruiting my parents,  I never thought that I would get down and dirty but boy did I and I actually loved every minute of creating my dream studio.

Did I ever think that I would learn how to put up dry wall, change electrical outlets, lay wood floors, mud walls, cut wood with a chop saw and use a nail gun, or carry a 15 foot ladder? You guessed it that would be BIG skinny NO!  My girlfriends would ask if I was wearing my blinged out pink knee pads when I was laying the wood floor and doing all this crazy hard labor.

Last month I celebrated my 7th year in my glamorous studio, it has grown and changed design along with me over the years. I have been so blessed with hundreds of amazing brides and clients that have supported Fresh Beauty Studio from the very first day, I thank you from the bottom of my heart in helping me live my dream of making women more beautiful. Here is a a look back at what I created with the help of some special people.

The Beginning

You never really know what you are getting yourself into until you start the process, once I got to this point there was no turning back which was both scary and exciting. I had positive mantras going on in my head non stop during this process, it kept me sane.

This process was Not Glamorous!

At times this part felt like it was never going to end.  The breaking down of the cubicles and ripping up carpet was done with no A/C. The only positive about that was no A/C bill.

Clean Up TIme

Besides all of the work that you see going on above, I was determined to find the perfect pink paint color since I would be painting the entire studio pink…even the ceiling grid! I had dozens of paint samples up on the wall that would become my boutique area. I wanted to see the colors in the morning light, afternoon and evening to make sure I was making the right decision. I never thought it would be that hard to find the perfect pink color but in the end I did and what a relief it was.

The quest for the perfect Pink paint color for the studio.

I was really excited about my facial room that was being designed. I couldn’t wait for this to be completed so I could stock it with my professional skin care treatments, wax bar and Xtreme Lashes. This is my home away from home.

Beginning stages of my Facial Room

Final Room Complete

This was what would soon become my lounge/boutique area

I know everyone didn’t think that I was really actually getting down and dirty so I had my Dad take pictures of me doing this crazy work. I cut all the wood with the chop saw but don’t ask me to measure anything, I left that to the professional. Notice my knee pads? I thought that if I blinged them out, I would have manual labor spiked with more pain.

Laying the wood floors

OK I think that you get the idea that this space was a little challenging, it took 4 months to take it from drab, dreary, dirty and old to what is now a fabulous pink makeup, skin care, brow and Xtreme Lash Bar.  I hope you enjoy seeing the progression of my studio from the beginning. I am blessed to walk in every day to my studio and say I did this!

In 2011 I turned my boutique area into a mani/pedi lounge for a short time. It is now back to our fabulous boutique.

Do you see my pink phone on my front desk?  We love picking up this pink phone, makes you feel completely girly.

Front Desk/Check In

The picture below was my original French themed living room design from 2008-2013 with vintage mirrors, pictures from my trip to Paris and vintage furniture. I sold everything in January 2013 to redesign this area to be more of a glamorous makeup station. I felt that it was time to mix things up just a little with more chandeliers, mirrors and lights!

My Living room design from 2008-2013.

I love going on buying trips to find unique and girly items for my boutique. Here is a great glimpse of what I stock in my boutique and online store.


And for the final picture of what was the original French Living Room area is now a glamorous makeup station for myself and all of my artists and stylists. You can see in the background our photo studio complete with green screen where we shoot corporate head shots and where I film my YouTube Beauty Videos.


This was the living room area that was redesigned in January 2013!

Cheers (with a glass of Veuve of course) to another 7 years of flawless makeup,  polished skin care, Lush Xtreme Lashes, new relationships and traveling the world for our gorgeous brides.  Looking forward to seeing you in the studio soon!

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