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Damage Control Fresh Beauty Studio Style

If smoking wasn’t bad enough for your health it’s actually an eyelash danger. I had a client come into the studio with not your average lash issue. Kelly was trying to light her cigarette and the flame burned off her left eye lashes. You can see from the before picture that her entire left eye has lashes that are blunt or look like you took scissors and cut them. This really affected my client Kelly since her job is high profile and people were noticing her mishap. Xtreme Lashes to the rescue, I measured her natural lash on her right eye so I could create the proper length for the damaged lashes on her left eye. The result was amazing you would never have known that she burned off her left eyelashes. Beauty tip girls, NO SMOKING!

Damage Control Fresh Beauty Studio Style

Before Corrective Xtreme Lash Appliction

Burned lashes on left Eye

Completed Corrective Xtreme Lashes

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