Destination Egypt~الوجهة مصر

Destination Egypt~الوجهة مصر

Destination Egypt

It’s not the most common friendship when you meet at age five at a summer resort and continue a relationship for almost 30 years. What’s so uncommon about this friendship is that I lived in the USA while my new friend Amina lived in Egypt.  I know EGYPT!!!!  How crazy does that sound? (I always loved saying that she was from Egypt to see people’s reaction)  It might not be so crazy now but back in the 1980’s it wasn’t the most common encounter.  When I was a little girl I always dreamed that I had a twin that was going through the same thing at the same time as I was, just in a far far away land.  Maybe a parallel universe? Something like that but in reality instead of my twin I had a pen pal.

It was so exciting to receive mail from Amina with stamps on the envelope from Egypt, a land that you could only dream about and learn in geography class. It’s amazing how people come in your life and leave…..and people that come in your life no mater what the distance and stay…stay forever.  Amina and I would meet the same week every year for the next 15 years at this amazing almost surreal resort in Georgia called Callaway Gardens.

I remember reading Amina’s letters which I still have today and think back on how simple our lives were, no cell phones, no crazy addictive reality TV, Skype, social media  just simple ol’ letters.  While I would be going to the beach on the weekends, Amina would write and tell me about riding horseback in the desert around the Pyramids. WHAT?????? I would sit in history class learning about Egypt and think I am probably the only one in class that is talking to someone that is actually from and living there!!! #Special (I know really hashtag right now?)  Amina and I recently saw each other when she was my Matron of Honor at my wedding.  There are no words that can express the deep rooted feelings you get when you have a bond, a connection with another human being that lasts over international waters, marriage, kids, distance, distance and more distance. This video is inspired by my beautiful friend from Egypt….. a mysterious country I will someday experience.

I hope you girls enjoy this exotic yet simple look I created for you.  It’s perfect for Halloween or to let your inner exotic Goddess out.

Have you been to the Destination Egypt? I would love to hear your experience. Leave a comment below.

Products used in this tutorial:


Wig: Party City **this wig is not the best, it’s very thin and hard to work with but for under $20 it’s not horrible.

MAD Minerals: Crease proof and eye shadow base

MAD Minerals Eye Shadows in order they were applied:

Wisper Orange, Linen, Evocative, Noble, Coffee

Magic Styl”O Semi Permanent Pen in Black

Brushes: Itty Bitty Kubuki Brush, Duel Ended Mini Eye Brush

L’Oreal Lumi Foundation in C3

L’Oreal Concealer

MAD Minerals Bronzer in Baby Bronze

Maybelline Lip Liner in Nude

Revlon Lipstick in Honey Bare

Fresh Beauty Studio lip gloss in 24 Karat-no longer available

Destination Egypt

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