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Diptyque Rosa Mundi Candle 2017 | Review

I have wondered for some time now what the big deal was with Diptyque candles? If you follow any beauty or fashion blogs, you will see at least one Diptyque candle in a flatlay or somewhere in the styled picture.  I had to find out what all the hype was about and blindly ordered the limited edition Rosa Mundi having never smelled a Diptyque candle before. Buying a candle might not sound like a big deal, but at $68 a pop, it’s a big deal.  I crossed my fingers and hoped that I would love the rose fragrance that arrived at my door.

It’s a tradition for Diptyque to launch a limited-edition rose themed candle in honor of Valentine’s Day each year. This year Diptyque partnered with Antoinette Poisson, creator and restorer of domino paper, who has designed two exclusive motifs-one floral, one geometrical-to decorate the scented collection. You can see by my last blog post I am smitten with rose fragrances. The story behind this collection is the pairing of the two most exquisite roses used in perfumery, damascena, the damask rose and centifolia, the May rose. In the top note, currant and bergamot provide freshness while the lychee’s fruitiness complements their petals and geranium enhances their naturalness.

When my package arrived I was a little taken back that the design was a paper label wrapped around the glass jar, I thought the design was etched in the glass. The paper is thick and placed perfectly around the candle making it look more like a piece of art, not just a candle. The fragrance was absolutely amazing and very impressive. Light, uplifting, feminine something you want to smell all day long.  If you want to buy yourself something special for Valentine’s Day this would be the perfect “selfie” gift. I am looking forward to this candle starting my collection of Diptyque candles and then recycling the jars for my blog posts and beauty products.

I couldn’t pass up buying the Diptyque Eau Rosa Emulsion also in limited edition. It’s probably the most decadent cream I have used. I put it on right away to see what it smelled like on my hands when I was working in the studio. I couldn’t get over how beautiful the scent was and how it made me feel so uplifted. Might sound crazy but there is such a thing called scent therapy.

Centifolia and damascena roses are also infused into this rich emulsion along with honey and cedar. Macadamia oil and aloe vera leave hands soft and moisturized.  My hands are always dry from washing them a hundred times throughout the day when working with clients. I am very particular about hand creams because if they are too thick and greasy or leave a residue I can’t hold or work with my makeup products.

I think I created a small little problem for myself trying Diptyque. I love how regal their packaging is and how sophisticated their fragrance combinations are and that they are made in France. I am excited to order my next candle. You can expect to see many more reviews on my new Diptyque addiction in upcoming blog posts.

Do you have a favorite Diptyque candle? Leave a comment below I am looking for advice before I make my next purchase.

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