Don’t Miss Out On PopSugar’s Must Have Box September!

Don’t Miss Out On PopSugar’s Must Have Box September!

PopSugar's Must Have Box

PopSugar’s Must Have Box September!

It’s always a Beauty Buzz when you receive the newest powerhouse in beauty subscriptions, PopSugar launched into the world of  monthly beauty subscriptions in July 2012 with the “Must Have Bag”.  You can see all the excitment and revealing of their first ever PopSugar Must Have Bag here   If you are like me and watch tons of YouTube beauty tutorials, reviews and must have products you might get a little overwhelmed with trying to keep up with all the new products.  It’s a lifesaver if you are a beauty obsessed girl to enroll in one of these monthly beauty programs, it not only saves money but you get to try products that you might not have ever known about or thought would work for you.  Rumor has it that the PopSugar August box has must haves like Govino wine glasses, PopPhysique’s Original Butt workout and an Alora diffuser.   Take it from a girl that loves everything beauty this beauty subscription is not to be missed. Don’t miss out on September’s beauty must haves SIGN UP HERE. (the August box is closed out)  Be on the look out for my next YouTube Beauty Review on PopSugar’s August Beauty Box.

Don't Miss Out On PopSugar's Must Have Box September!

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