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EVER Skin Care | Real Results, Pure Ingredients

by Nikol Johnson

After putting myself through eight rounds of fertility treatments ( two IUI’s, five IVF’s and one FET) I have researched and filled my days with learning about hormones, toxic ingredients, BPA’s you name it. I have become more aware of what I am putting into my body and on my skin. I wanted a skin care line that I could use that didn’t contain harmful chemicals, synthetic fragrances, phthalates, or BPA in the packaging and that I could also offer to you my readers and my clients after customized facials at the studio.

Photo Credit: Rick Gomez Photography

As a beauty blogger, I test and try hundreds of products on my skin and body. I have become extremely picky with which products I will feature on my beauty blog based on the ingredients in the product and the results the product offers. I was tired of sacrificing my health for skin care products. It’s incredibly difficult to be labeled with “unexplained infertility” and not know if I am contributing to this “unexplained” diagnosis with toxic skin and body care products. I logged in countless hours looking for a skin care line that not only would have pure ingredients but would have clinical-grade results. I also was looking for age-appropriate skin care. I am forty and proud of it (yes even my new gray hair explosion) I wanted a skin care line that would enhance my skin, keep it radiant and glowing and address the top aging issues (see below).

Photo Credit: Rick Gomez Photography

Photo Credit: Rick Gomez Photography

I found EVER Skin Care by reading an article in Town & Country magazine. I researched the line, met with a skin care specialist from EVER, tested the entire line and then continued my EVER research. I started seeing more and more articles on EVER in Vanity Fair, W Magazine, and Popsugar. Not only was I reading all the buzz but I also found that Allure magazine honored EVER with 2015 Best of Beauty Award.

EVER Skin Care is a relatively new skin care line out on the market launching in early 2015. It’s a powerhouse anti-aging line with fourteen products. I am obsessed with the Luminous a nutrient-rich cleansing balm and the Overnight Facial retinol renewing oil. I see a noticeable difference in my skin texture and clarity. I have officially brought the EVER skin care line into the studio and have been receiving rave reviews from my clients.

LSR10 is a patent pending bioactive complex scientifically formulated to help reduce the top 10 visible signs of aging:

Another important aspect of finding a new skin care line for my studio was that it was affordable to my clients. The products range from $26-$88 and offer a loyalty program where you can save 10% on each order, 10% back in product credits with each order, $30 Birthday treat and free shipping. EVER just launched auto-replenish so your skin care regimen will never run out. The best feature that I think EVER offers you is a 45-day risk-free money-back guarantee. I don’t know too many skin care lines that offer this perk.

Over the next couple of weeks, I will be sharing each skin care product, my thoughts and how the product works. If you are interested in purchasing EVER products, you can find them on my website.

For all my IVF sisters that are looking for a way to pay for IVF, infertility treatments, medication, a vacation away from IVF, etc. and don’t feel comfortable with crowdfunding or asking family for money EVER Skin Care is a wonderful alternative to supplement your IVF savings fund. If you want a fun way to connect with other women, grow your network and make additional income on your own time. Contact me or click here for more information on how you can start using EVER chemical free skin care and start making money by sharing with your friends and family.

Check out an excellent way to try EVER for free by sharing on your social media accounts.


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