Exuviance Bionic Oxygen Facial Review

Exuviance Bionic Oxygen Facial Review

Exuviance Bionic Oxygen Facial Review

by Nikol

The newest skincare ingredient on the beauty scene is Oxygen. Yes, that’s right good old O2. You might be wondering why would you need oxygen in your skincare products? Is this another skincare gimmick? No, it’s not a gimmick. Oxygen stimulates the body’s natural healing function it’s anti-inflammatory and builds collagen production. Best of all oxygen is antibacterial. This is great news for all of you that are skincare/antiaging obsessed liked me.

Exuviance Oxygen Bionic Blend Mask

When you infuse oxygen into the skin you can see an immediate response of glowy, dewy and calmer skin. There are many products on the market right now infusing oxygen into their creams, masks and cleansers. I have had the opportunity to test out Exuviance Bionic Oxygen Facial Mask ($65).  It’s an incredible experience from the fresh scent of the product to the delightful yet somewhat strange oxygenating feeling on the skin. This mask is truly unique containing pure essential Oxygen plus a Bionic Complex that energises and detoxifies the skin. It brings new life to stressed skin and instantly restores a more youthful, soft and luminous complexion.

I have had to stop myself from using this mask too much during the week. I love how refreshed my skin looks and feels the results I am seeing are incredible. I have a glow to my skin without makeup my skin is more hydrated, plump and youthful looking.

Exuviance Bionic Oxygen Facial Review

Here is how it works: Massage a generous, even layer on clean, damp skin. Wait five minutes, allowing a thick oxygenating froth to form (it feels as though the product is growing and moving on your skin a bit strange but interesting) and then disappear. Rinse with warm water. Use 3-4 times a week.

{First Application of the Mask}

{First Application of the Mask}

{Mask Starts to Foam and disappear}

{Mask Starts to Foam and disappear}

{Mask will continue to disappear leaving glowy, fresh and restored skin}

{Mask will continue to go leaving glowy, fresh and restored skin}

I have used so many products that claim to “Restore a radiant, youthful complexion” but never actually deliver. I have been extremely happy with my experience with Exuviance Bionic Oxygen Facial because I do see a difference with my skin. I hope this Exuviance Bionic Oxygen Facial Review is helpful.

Product Highlights:

  • Detoxifies and eliminates aging dullness
  • Stimulates vital cell energy
  • Provides essential support for optimal collagen levels
  • PHA/Bionic Blend adds extra youth-promoting benefits to restore radiance and suppleness

To purchase or learn more about Exuviance products click HERE.



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