I am back in the makeup saddle with my Fierce Aging 2.0 video series on my YouTube beauty channel. It feels so good to be back creating gorgeous looks for my guests in the studio. I kicked off the series last week with Holly, and I created a very natural look for her with the Lids by Design lid strips. If you don’t know about these little eyelid life-changers, you can watch my video here or here and catch up on this amazing beauty secret. I am also featuring Barbara and Erica in their 60’s; these ladies wanted a modern makeup look that made them look radiant and alive. Barbara said something so true at the beginning of the video, she didn’t want to look younger, and she didn’t want to make herself look older. She just wanted to be a better version of herself, which is exactly what I created for her.

My message today to you ladies is Don’t Stop believing in yourself, your beauty, your hair, your body. Yes, as we’re aging, things get harder, but those things are not as hard as you think when you have the right attitude. What are you saying to yourself each morning? What kind of information are you watching, reading allowing to take over your mind? Just because you see your skin change, your hair wanting to shine bright with gray, silver, or white is not a negative. Enjoy watching these videos and learning how to apply your makeup as you age.


  • Hello, I was listening to one of your shows, bye the way I love. I thought I heard you say something about writing in in regards to makeup for older skin. If there’s such a thing sign me up. I am turning 58 this year and for the life of me I can’t put on makeup correct now that I’m older! Help!
    Thank you
    Michelle Patterson

    Michelle Patterson

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