How to Stay Fit Over 40

How to Stay Fit Over 40

How to Stay Fit Over 40?

You might have seen on my Insta-Stories the other day that I met a woman who had an unbelievably toned smokin body and then she dropped the bomb that she was seventy-one years old. I immediately thought can I hire you as my trainer? Maybe I can get her to write a workout program for me? She has almost thirty years on me, and she looks like one strong powerhouse! I decided at that very moment that I better pull it together if I want to look like her when I am seventy-one. Her body was lean, toned and it wasn’t about plastic surgery. She told me that she works out at Orange Theory Fitness and Ladies, that’s fierce.

How to Stay Fit Over 40

You are probably wondering why I am wearing sunglasses and a red lip while working out right? When you have silver hair, you can do whatever you want. I even didn’t shave my Greek stomach hair because I don’t think it matters does it? Oh, I am sure there are plenty of women out there that will say something about that happy little trail. I know there is beauty in what everyone takes and shames away. Now, have I always thought this hair on my stomach was beautiful? No, but I feel after you go through extremely challenging trials with your body what’s a little hair on your belly?

I started thinking that my body is the only thing I have any real control over in this world. I decide what I eat, drink and slather all over it, no one else does. Maintaining a fit physique doesn’t just happen it takes work to see incredible results. Not many people are up for putting in the time, discipline and sweat it takes to reap the toned and sculpted rewards. Lucky for me, I have always been into working out and enjoy the challenge of pushing myself to new levels physically. Do I love every second of my workouts? Some days I do and others I would like to pull the covers over my head and pretend I am not alive.

When I was young, I was very active in playing soccer, tennis, and softball. As a teenager, I was drawn to the leotards and step aerobics then working out in the gym. I will admit in the 90’s I did buy Suzanne Sommers “Thigh Master.” Secretly I think that thing worked and toned my thighs. As an adult kick-boxing was my jam, then I fell in love with spinning. I can’t tell you how many creative ideas have come to me in the hour spinning classes I have taken. Being active is a part of who I am. When I have stressful days, only a workout can reset my body and my attitude. It’s honestly a lifesaver. I made staying active a priority, and it became a habit.

How to Stay Fit Over 40

It goes without saying that I put my body through hell when I fought to get pregnant with every IVF cycle, nine to be exact. Not only did I inject truckloads of synthetic hormones for four years but I altered the actual shape of my body. It’s unsettling to see the strange changes that synthetic hormones do to your body from the amount of hair growth to the inches on your thighs that appear practically overnight. When you are a human science experiment like I was it’s incredible how out of whack your body can get and takes years to recover. I feel a responsibility to my body to stay in shape, eat right and work out because of everything I put my body through trying to get pregnant. I am not obsessive with working out, but I do make the time every morning to power walk with my Frenchie then get in the gym for a Peloton session or my favorite cardio with the slide board. If you don’t know about the slide board you should, it’s a game changer for your butt, thighs, and legs.

How to Stay Fit Over 40

Are you are sitting back reading this blog post and feeling bad about yourself because you haven’t worked out in years? This is your push. It’s time that you decided to get off your heinie and hire a trainer, sign up for a spin class, get your girlfriend to walk with you before or after work, make your dog your workout partner. The time is now, decide to push yourself and do it. Dig deep because when you are out of your workout game, it is incredibly hard to start up again. My eye surgery this past summer derailed my working out, but once I got back into my groove, it was like I never took a little hiatus.

Here are my five top tips to stay in shape after forty:

  1. Be realistic with yourself: Don’t try and run a marathon if you haven’t trained. Find a workout that makes you happy whether that is Pilates, yoga or walking on the beach or in the cold brisk mountains. It’s not about fitting into what you see in Shape magazine it’s about what makes you wake up in the morning.
  2. Plan out your meals: Don’t wait until the very last minute when you are starving and about to eat anything and everything in sight. Set Sunday’s for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner planning each week. I just signed up for Martha Stewarts Meal Delivery Service to take the stress off of having to create exciting meals each week. I will do a review on what I thought of the quality and ease of making the meals later this month.
  3. Set Goals: Where do you see yourself in one month, six months, one year from now physically? Map out your exercise plan and set mini goals. Once achieved reward yourself with something that makes you happy from a blow out at DryBar (one of my favorite things to do) or a delicious glass of wine. You deserve to celebrate yourself and reaching your fitness goals.
  4. Find a partner: This can be your husband, girlfriend or someone you meet at the gym. Having a workout partner gives you a little push on the mornings where you want to hit the snooze button a million times.
  5. Get involved: There are many ways you can find support with other women just like you looking to be in their best shape. Gyms have fun contests and programs that make you push yourself; Facebook groups are an excellent way to connect with other women that are sharing tips and advice on getting into shape. Don’t see a group that fits what you like? Create one yourself.

How to Stay Fit Over 40

There are many free apps now that you can download on your phone that gives you personalized workouts. YouTube has excellent videos from simple exercises to the full-on CrossFit training. In the world we live in now you can’t make an excuse for not working out. No time? Well, there are time management apps for that too or how about hiring a virtual assistant? See, I told you No Excuses. What’s your favorite workout to do? Share in the comments below I am always looking to add something new to my routine.

How to Stay Fit Over 40

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