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Flawless Curls | T3 Twirl 360 + GIVEAWAY!

Flawless Curls | T3 Twirl 360 + GIVEAWAY!

by Nikol Johnson

I am a little embarrassed to admit that I have been using a sub-par curling iron that I named Henry for years now.  You know how it goes, you get comfortable, settle with just OK curls and then name your curling iron Henry. Good old Henry. Did you see how I said OLD?

I have the latest and greatest curling irons in my studio for our clients and brides but when it comes to me personally, I have been just getting by.  It’s like the massage therapist that never makes the time to get a massage or the esthetician that gives a hundred facials but hasn’t had one in years. So YES! I have been getting OK curls out of this basic curling iron but always finish my style wanting more texture or staying power. Getting a new curling iron has been on my list for quite some time now but for whatever reason, it just didn’t happen until April.

I was introduced to the T3 Twirl 360 and I have to say I was a little afraid of how scientific it was at first. Remember, I have been using a basic one inch curling iron, twisting my wrists for that perfect curl like they were auditioning for Circus Soleil. I feel like I hit a home run in the beauty techie arena.

Let me first start off with saying that this little bad boy is powered with gyroscopic technology, I know what the heck is that? The curling iron is motion activated meaning that the barrel automatically rotates with a turn of your wrist. All I have to do it press a little button and the barrel will either turn right or left depending on how you move your wrist. This has literally changed how I do my hair. A true beauty game changer. Now my curls come out perfect each time, with little effort and I save my wrists.

This is how simple it is. Clamp, You Turn It Spins, Release and Finish.

I was in Harbour Island last weekend creating beautiful beachy bridal makeup and hair for my destination bride, I brought along my T3 to give me beautiful simple beachy waves.  This is the first curling iron that I have used that not only gives me gorgeous structured curls but makes my hair look amazing the next day with loads of texture and bounce.  I have never achieved this from other curling irons and it makes me so happy.  After spending the day at the beach, I was ready to rock some serious sexy hair with little effort for cocktail hour. I show you step by step how my hair looks using the T3 Twirl 360.

This is the ultimate curling iron for beauty bloggers, notice how I can curl my hair and take a selfie.  It’s beauty social media multi tasking at it’s best! If you are wondering what happened to good old Henry, I had a little going away party for him on the third day of using the Twirl 360.

Don’t forget to enter my T3 Twirl Giveaway below! 


Starting with just washed hair.


You Turn, It Spins

I take it all the way to my head for tighter curls.

Perfect beachy curls!

Never stress over curls on the back of your head.

Finished!!! Love How GORGEOUS my hair looks!

Hair & Makeup complete, Ready for some Island Cocktails!

I am so excited to offer one lucky winner a T3 Twirl 360. Summer is right around the corner and it’s time you get perfect curls every time with little effort. Enter below, Good Luck!

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