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The Fragrance I am Wearing Now | Aerin Rose de Grasse Review

I am a little bit of a fragrance snob I have to admit. I go from loving a scent to not being able to wear it almost overnight. I tend to gravitate towards classic, feminine and subtle scents. I don’t like when a woman walks into a room blaring with an overpowering smell or leaves an elevator full of intense fragrance. You want to leave them wanting more not running away from you.

I love the signature style and elegance of Aerin Lauder and her lifestyle brand. It’s a reflection of Aerin’s personal ease and sophistication whether she is talking about beauty, fashion or just living beautifully her philosophy is that everything should be effortless. I know easier said than done but let’s just say I strive for a simple life or at least one that looks like I am carefree and totally put together. OK, who am I kidding? It’s a lot of effort, and I am exhausted most of the time lol.

I was never a “Rose” type of perfume gal, in fact, just the thought of wearing a rose perfume reminded me of grandmothers and old powdery scents. The second I smelled Aerin’s Rose de Grasse totally changed my mind about rose fragrances. It was modern and classic a refreshing and unexpected surprise.

I found her Rose de Grasse collection last year and have been absolutely in love with it and wear it every day. Rose de Grasse represents the rarest and exclusive of the rose family. It’s a rose of a hundred-petaled Centifolia and is hand picked in Grasse-the French capital of perfumery since the 16th century.  The Rose de Grasse fragrance is enhanced by Rose Otto Bulgarian one of my favorites and Rose Absolute. I am not a big fan of light scents, but the added warming Musk gives this fragrance an alluring dynamic that perfectly captures the flower that symbolizes beauty and feminity. Since I can’t get enough of this fragrance, I added in the Rose de Grasse Body Cream to my collection this past fall. The body cream is rich and full of this beautiful fragrance. Shooting the body cream for this blog post and just having the top off created a lovely aroma in the air. I find that applying a little of the Rose de Grasse body cream before I spritz myself with the perfume makes it last a lot longer throughout my day. I also use it after I take a hot shower in the evening when my skin is still a little damp. The best is slipping into bed smelling this fragrance.

There are a couple more items in the Rose de Grasse collection from a candle, body wash, and solid perfume. I decided to pick up another scent from Aerin’s fragrance collection called Evening Rose (can you tell I am a little partial to all things rose?). This fragrance has the pairing of Rose and Cognac and is intriguing and unexpected there is an interesting difference between the two rose scents. It’s very vibrant with a dark contrast. Juicy Blackberry and rich Cognac unexpectedly blend with voluptuous Rose Centifolia and Bulgarian Rose Absolute. You get a very alluring elixir that’s intense, sensuous and luxurious. You can layer these two fragrances to create your unique scent. I have experimented with layering the Evening Rose over the Rose De Grasse and find that it creates a unique scent that is all about that unexpected rose.

I like to change it up a little bit and wear the Rose De Grasse at night and the Evening Rose during the day. I know by the name of the fragrance it seems like I should be doing the opposite. Since buying these two fragrances, there has not been one day that I was tired of the scent or felt that it was too dark or loud.

I have people commenting on my fragrance and asking what I am wearing which always makes me feel that I am doing something right with the scent I pick out and my body chemistry.

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