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Going back to Bali

Going back to Bali

Vacations In Bali

I love planning for summer vacations, should I go to the City this year? or a fabulous exotic beach? I do so much research on picking just the perfect place. Here is one option below and what beauty items I would bring to this unbelievable property in Bali.

Alila Villas Soori

A Super Cute Juicy Couture Pink Bikini

LOVE Rose Bud Salve for soft lips!

LOVE this sparkling water! For healthy skin stay hydrated

Image Skin Care Matte chemical free SPF 30. A MUST!!!

My classic Ray Ban’s

My Pink IPAD2

Let’s not forget him!

The best part of planning a vacation for me is figuring out what I am going to pack. It usually means that I go shopping for great new pieces or I just add in a couple of versatile tops/dresses or wraps to go with what I already have.

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