goPURE | Youth Glow Eye Gel Review

goPURE | Youth Glow Eye Gel Review

goPURE | Youth Glow Eye Gel Review

by Nikol Johnson

When a product has the word “Youth Glow” smack dab on the the front of the packaging, I take notice.  Eye gels are one of my must-have beauty products. Nothing makes you look older than having puffiness, bags, dark circles, dry dehydrated skin around your delicate eye area.  It doesn’t matter how much concealer you try to pile on, you know that an eye treatment is your only way out. I have been trying goPURE | Youth Glow Eye Gel for the past couple of weeks and I have to say I am impressed.

goPURE Youth Glow Eye Gel

                                    goPURE Youth Glow Eye Gel

Finding natural yet effective skin care products is a challenge. I have been on the hunt for a natural eye gel that works where I can see results.  This little eye gem packs a punch with 100% natural and paraben free ingredients. Its an effective eye treatment that is formulated specifically for the area under and around the eyes. goPURE Naturals eye gel has a proprietary peptide complex that makes up the “Youth Glow” while also being infused with Vitamin C, Hyaluronic acid, Matrixly 3000, Plant stem cells and Vitamin E.

goPure | Youth Glow eye gel is packaged in an airless pump so there is no risk of contaminating your product with your fingers.  The pump dispenses just the right amount of product for each eye, there is no waste on your fingers or around your eye area. I found this goPure | Youth Glow eye gel to be cooling on my skin and smells like cucumbers (I dream of being at a luxe spa every morning and night when I use this product).  I instantly feel my eye area hydrated, not greasy or tacky.

If you are concerned about what you are putting on your skin and want to introduce more natural products to you skin care rountine, goPURE never uses any fake chemical ingredients like Parabens, Artificial Fragrances, Sulfates, Propylene Glycol, or Coloring.

My eye area is probably one of my biggest concerns. I see every little line up close and personal when I am editing my beauty videos each week. I love how this hydrating eye gel is smoothing out my fine lines and plumping my crows feet with hyaluronic acid, powerhouse anti oxidants and a peptide complex.

I am excited to partner with goPURE and offer my readers 25% off any goPURE purchases until June 15th, 2015. Use coupon code LHADD4OY at checkout. goPURE stands behind their products completely with an Industry Leading 1 Year Money Back Guarantee.

Do you incorporate an eye gel into your daily skin care routine? If yes then this goPure | Youth Glow eye gel review will be helpful to you.



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