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Why Gray Hair is Changing The Beauty Industry

I have been on a gray hair journey since September 2015. My hair trip has not been an easy one having long black hair and white roots I wasn’t sure what I should do. So many people said “DON’T DO IT” “YOU WILL LOOK SO OLD.” I let the gray stripe in the front come out at thirty-five, I had no choice since the white hair would not dye black more like a bronze reddish color which was not cute.

They say that gray hair is not related to stress so I am guessing I can’t blame my five rounds of IVF on going gray in 2015 but what I can say is that going gray is the most liberating experience and I am so happy that I decided just to do it. I did a lot of research on YouTube to Pinterest and couldn’t find that much information on being young and going gray. Who did it? Was there anyone I could relate to? I can’t be the only one in their thirties that is going gray and wants to set my gray hair free or could I?

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Gray hair is changing the beauty industry in a BIG way, and I predict it will be even bigger in 2018. The leading modeling agencies like FORD are featuring “Gray or Silver” categories for their models this is a very progressive move since your career was practically over once you hit twenty-three. There are modeling agencies like Gray Models in London, Silver Agency in Paris and Silverfox management in Australia. These agencies don’t just represent gray-haired models, but they represent women and men over thirty. Target, JCrew among other national brands are featuring women with gray hair in their commercials and print ads. It’s a fascinating time in fashion and beauty because we do not just see young, wrinkle-free models we are seeing real women that represent something beautiful, something that was frowned upon before and that is aging.

If you are thinking about letting your gray hair run free here are a couple of my beauty tips on the transition. Remember it’s never a smooth transition so if you are looking for a quick fix to going gray this is not the blog post. It takes focus, dedication and a defiant attitude to get through the awkward first year.

Here are my top tips for growing out your gray hair.

It’s time ladies if you are reading this blog post and have been going back and forth on going gray. You only live once, and I believe it’s time to stop covering up and live your true self.

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