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How to Get Full Lips Without Surgery

We all want gorgeous full and hydrated looking lips, but not everyone wants to get lip injections to achieve this look. Tired of seeing a thin top lip keep reading for my number one beauty tip for fuller lip.

How to Get Full Lips Without Surgery

Photo Credit; Rick Gomez Photography

My clients ask for my fuller lip technique that I have coined “The Victoria Secret lip” when I am doing their makeup. It’s a little beauty trick that I do to enhance the top lip making it look fuller and sexier. I give a little shading to the bottom lip but it’s about creating fullness to your top lip. Now, this is not your typical overdrawn lip liner look; I find that lip look to be extremely unnatural and not pretty.

To get this incredibly natural lip look follow these simple steps.

Here are some of the products that I swear by for keeping my lips soft and looking their best. The main key to getting gorgeous fuller looking lips is to take good care of the delicate skin. If you have dry flaking lips they will never look fresh. Exfoliate once a week with this amazing lip scrub and moisturize with this every night before bed. I use a lip liner every day called Satin it’s just the right mix of pink and nude then I gloss up my lips with a new hydrating lip gloss by Chanel it’s literally my new obsession especially since they redesigned the applicator. Treat your lips like you do your skin and you will see them looking smoother and younger.

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