How To Set Your Beauty Bright for 2021

How To Set Your Beauty Bright for 2021

How To Set Your Beauty Bright for 2021

If you follow me on any of my social platforms, you know I am very passionate about working on my mental health, meditating, sending out the highest vibe, and making women look and feel gorgeous. I seemed to gravitate toward bright colors on my lips in 2020 (yes, even with mask-wearing, I have a little trick for you more on that later) and making my skin look flawless. Adding color to my face and lips is a must in 2021.

How To Set Your Beauty Bright for 2021
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I came out with a product last year for my NiKOL Cosmetics line called Extreme Cancel Trifecta. This product was created to color correct the extreme darkness under the eye area. I had so many clients sitting in my makeup chair over the years complaining that the more concealer they put under their eyes, the darker their under-eye area would look. I teach you on my YouTube channel how to use the color orange to correct the gray, blue, purples under the eye. It is a little intimidating to see the color orange under the eye when you start to color correct, but the results are amazing. I wanted Extreme Cancel Trifecta to be easy to use under the eyes, but I also wanted you to be able to use it as a lipstick or cream blush if you so desired.

How To Set Your Beauty Bright for 2021

I opt to use it as all three hence the name Trifecta. I infused Vitamin E into the formulation to moisturize under the eyes, yet it wasn’t too emollient that it would slip and slide and not stay-put. One of my most popular products for helping brighten the face and enhance confidence.

Let’s get back to how I wear a bright lip color AND a mask. A great tip is to use either your waterproof lip liner or your khol lip pencil. I love using Darling or Tango to brighten my face and not have my lips transfer to my mask. It’s simple first treat your lips with our Vitamin E lip treatment to moisturize your lips the line your lips as you normally would with your favorite lip pencil. Fill in your entire lip with the lip pencil. Enjoy taking off your mask and looking beautiful and bright without color all over your face.

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