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How to Wear Simple Stud Earrings to Statement Earrings

I have been working on my collection of costume jewelry and fine jewelry for some time now. Picking out jewelry no matter what the price tag, it all comes down to style and personality. I love playing around with statement earrings just as much as I like wearing a classic stud.

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Photos by Rick Gomez Photography
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I wanted to show you how you can take a colorful scarf dress like this one (I curated a couple of gorgeous affordable dresses below for you) I am wearing and pair it with simple earrings and then statement earrings. The key is to pull color in from the dress so that your earrings even though simple draw eyes to them. I went with circle crystal studs bordered with red because I wanted the bright color from my dress up around my face. By doing this little style trick, I am creating interest both from my jewelry to my styled look. When choosing stud earrings, I make sure I pick a pair that are not too heavy for my ears. Earrings that weigh down my earlobe is one of my pet peeves. If they whether stud or statement are too uncomfortable to wear through a day or evening event without taking them off, it’s time to say goodbye.

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I know my post is about earrings, but I didn’t want to leave out how you can also add interest with a simple cuff bracelet. I particularly like how this cuff bracelets aqua stone gives extra attention to another color in my dress. It’s all about subtle elegance. Classic black sunglasses or switch it up and have a pair of unexpected red frames. I have to admit the red frames were a risk for me as I love my classic black or white framed sunglasses but the red works with this outfit.

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Statement earrings will always make you feel glamorous. I chose a beaded black drop earring for a couple of reasons. I love the texture that beaded ones give to an outfit. The knot design above the tassel gives beautiful detail with gold hardware.

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