Insiders Guide To Party Makeup Fast!

Insiders Guide To Party Makeup Fast!

Insiders Guide To Party Makeup Fast!

This time of year gets incredibly crazy.  You have holiday work parties, open houses, end of the year girls cocktail parties and the list goes on.  I created a simple video for all you hard working girls out there that need to look put together and glamorous without anyone knowing it only took you 5 minutes.

The main thing you want to concentrate on when it comes to your makeup after it’s been on for 8 hours, is to focus on products that refresh your work makeup and take it up a notch to “party time.”

Here are my top makeup choices to get you pumped for that chilled glass of champagne.

  • I am a huge fan of using concealer than piling on more foundation.
  • Bronzer to contour and give your face that needed warmth.
  • Blush to “POP” those cheeks and to look revived.
  • Black or dark brown eyeliner pencil.
  • Mascara (I am loving Lancome “Hypnose Drama” does not clump)
  • Shimmery champagne highlighting stick
  • Either a nude, pink or red lip.

I hope you girls are enjoying this holiday time to experiment a little more with your evening makeup. The holiday’s are always the best time to try that winged out liner, classic lip or false lashes. Cheers to you and making bold makeup choices this holiday.

Insiders Guide To Party Makeup Fast!

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