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It’s a Beauty Revolution

It's a Beauty Revolution

It’s a Beauty Revolution

Every day this week I have glam-ified my lips with one of the rich, dark sexy lipstick colors that are super on trend this fall from Urban Decay. I started off the week with 69 a bold beautiful striking color, I put on a black pencil skirt with a vintage black lace cap sleeved top spritzed myself with Agent Provocateur Double D fragrance and slipped on my black patent Jimmy Choo’s (my first love).  The look was only complete with Urban Decay’s fabulous rocking lipstick revolution that is super matte completely Bad Ass, comes in 22 shades and stayed on all day! If you wear bold lipsticks you know that this is a must, not a  cute look when you smile and have red on your teeth or lipstick all out of the lip line from fraying.

I was feeling super glamorous when I strutted into a boutique until an older woman literally ran up to me and said “OMG I LOVE that color lipstick what is the name of it?” Errrrrr…..Um…. 69?? There was a small pause eyes narrowed and a slight tilt to her head (I stood there hoping that my bad ass color would distract her from the name) before she said “Well, I can’t wait to try it” with a little smirk.

See, that’s the beauty of wearing edgy out of your comfort zone colors, you meet fabulous new people, make connections and show your fierce side. I would suggest not wearing this lipstick with anything from NARS.  I think that it would probably be just a little bit more intimidating if you were asked about your makeup and the answer would be ” Ohhh well….. on my checks I have Deep Throat  then I popped it with a little Super Orgasm to give it that just flushed look,  on my eyes I doubled teamed it with Trash and Mad Mad World and finished off with a little Gold Digger gloss over my 69.

Happy Friday Beauties!!!!!


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